Cabo San Lucas Initiative

Cabo Carolina Cerebral Palsy Foundation 

February 20, 2016

Thank you to all of our volunteers, who participated in the "Inspire Giving through You" Community Outreach Project. We appreciate your dedication and commitment to make a difference by inspiring others to give back to their communities. 

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Over 100 volunteers and IGY staff/ executives assisted with modernizations of the Cabo Carolina Cerebral Palsy Foundation’s office and (2) local parks tasks included building ramps, repairing walkways, cleaning and overall beautifications.

The Cabo Carolina Cerebral Palsy is a foundation that helps special needs children receive rehabilitation through the use of the Mobilizer1. The innovative piece of equipment realigns the body and reprograms the brain through repetition and 3D vision. IGY crews will make improvement to help the parks with wheelchair accessibility.  The IGY team will assist with interior design upgrades and minor renovations of Cabo Carolina office.

Task Completed: 

o   Painting of walls, floors, basketball courts, slides, games, seesaw
o   Repair of fencing, slides, swings, walls
o   Installation and repair of slides, swings, fence, sandlot, plants, shrubbery,          basketball boards, nets for basketball and soccer goals
o   Repair of playground equipment, concrete benches, fence
o   Clearing of debris, trash and areas damaged by hurricane Odile
o   Removal 7 truckloads of garbage
o   Heavy ground works and cosmetic landscaping

Please contact: for further information regarding donations and where to send them.