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Expect More from Your Marina with IGY Marinas

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL: Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; New York, New York; and St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Island Global Yachting Marinas (IGY Marinas) focuses on acquiring, managing, and servicing luxury-yacht marinas and the surrounding upland real estate properties. 

Operating under the signature Yacht Haven Grande Collection as well as the IGY series brands and several private labels, IGY Marinas offers an unprecedented collection of marinas throughout the Caribbean and Americas catering to a variety of vessel types including cruisers, sportfishers, sailing vessels, and motor yachts.  IGY's network of properties is setting new standards for service and quality in nautical tourism throughout the world making many of its marinas exclusive home ports for some of the world's largest megayachts.  Additionally, the IGY Marina network provides many benefits to the vessels, the communities in which they operate, as well as the individual marina. 

All IGY destinations are known for the highest levels of management and service and many of its marina general managers are Certified Marina Managers (CMMs).  As a result, IGY marinas are most recognized for the superior levels of service provided to their guests and five (5) IGY marinas have been awarded the 5 Gold Anchor Award, with Yacht Haven Grande in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, also being recognized as the 2016 Superyacht Marina of the Year.  The CMMs ensure guests are provided with the best marina experience possible and work together within the IGY network to offer the most updated information to guests.  IGY Marinas also provides a Loyalty Rewards Points program allowing the marinas to give back to their repeat guests.  Additionally, IGY hosts many marina events for the enjoyment of its patrons, as well as participates in 10 of the world's biggest and best sport fishing tournaments, making our marinas in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, highly sought after destinations.  

IGY Marinas destinations work very hard to give back to their local communities.  Each destination works directly with area schools, educational programs, and community centers to provide opportunities to introduce children of all ages to the maritime industry.  Additionally, each year, IGY Marinas, accompanied by IGY Anchor Club Strategic Partners, has dedicated two (2) days per year in which the corporate offices, sister companies, and marinas fully commit to a local non-profit organization of their choice to assist in major projects as a way to give back and show their appreciation for local support.  This global community service project, “Inspire Giving through You,” brings together hundreds of volunteers throughout 16 different locations across the western hemisphere and provides positive changes in the lives of people in the individual communities.  Sticking to its motto, “Help the life of a community, and you can change the lives of many,” IGY Marinas will continue to hold the annual network event for many years to come. 

IGY Marinas provides benefits to the vessels as well as the communities, however, individual marinas also receive a variety of benefits as part of the IGY Marinas network.  IGY works with many leading industry service providers and partners through the IGY Anchor Club Partnership program.  This program brings a plethora of industry knowledge and opportunities for the Marinas and the Anchor Club Partners to work together to increase business and provide the IGY level of service to vessels owners, captains, and crew members.  Additionally, the marina staff is able to help provide guests with recommendations for future travel if they are staying in a destination with an IGY facility, as well as ensure guests are fully aware of the unique aspects of each marina to suit the needs of each vessel.  For instance, The Yacht Club at Isle de Sol, located in St. Maarten, is able to provide superyachts with the ability to utilize the services of a 150 ton crane directly at the slip due to its perimeter road, which is a rarity throughout the Caribbean.  Each IGY marina offers unique highlights, from full service boatyards, on-site resorts, and even world famous historical sites, thus providing experiences only IGY Marinas can offer. 

IGY Marinas has been servicing boaters and their vessels for over ten (10) years, and is looking forward to future endeavors.  IGY plans to continue expanding its network and collection of luxury destinations while continuing to improve its superior level of service.  Additionally, the marinas will continue to provide experiences specific to the IGY Marinas vision and provide rewards and perks to our guests, communities, and to each other.  

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