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IGY NEWS - IGY Deploys Havenstar Tenchology throughout its prestigious network of marinas in the US, Caribbean, and Mexico.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL NOVEMBER 7, 2014 – IGY Marinas’ implementation of HavenStar, the ultimate technology in marina management software, provides access and exposure to all the critical data needed for on-site management and centralized sales and marketing across its entire international network of marinas.

The premier marina network company will further improve its ability to target its marketing efforts to its various customer bases in-house, avoiding reliance on outside market consultancy services.  Because customer information will be readily accessible across the IGY network, IGY staff can effortlessly share customer preferences and desires amongst each other.  This will significantly enhance the current high level of service and personalized customer experience.

These improvements in the ability to share customer information across the network also means that the arrival experience should be even quicker for customers.  This is because information on contracts and other documentation is already prepopulated in the HavenStar system and does not have to be manually entered whenever a customer visits a different IGY marina.

The software also has extensive reporting features that will enable IGY to react promptly to changes in market trends and customer demographics. 

The implementation of HavenStar now ensures that IGY has a solid, reliable, dependable system on which it can rely to handle transactions and better gauge performance.  HavenStar will allow IGY to further enhance its already superior customer service into a more streamlined network-wide effort and make it truly seamless for customers to travel from one IGY destination to another. 

For downloadable, full press release, click here.

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