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See what our guest are saying:

Simpson Bay Marina Logo

Simpson Bay Marina:

July 2017 - 
  • "Loved it, great marina staff. Quite happy." 46' Vessel 
March 2017
  • "Always the best place" - 51' Vessel
  • "Very friendly and helpful staff. Reason for coming back." - 70' Vessel
  • "Everyone is nice and helpful, employees are fantastic." - 69' Vessel
  • "The best Marina in the Caribbean!!!" - 120' Vessel
January 2017 -
  • "Great staff and Marina. Would love to come back. Amazing environment." - 34' Vessel
  • "Everything this marina does, makes a captain's life easier." - 62' Vessel
  • "Everything is perfect!" - 42' Vessel
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American Yacht Harbor Logo

American Yacht Harbor:

April 2018 -
  • "Wonderful staff." - 40' Vessel
February 2018 - 
  • "It was good. Guys meet me at the dock to grab lines. Great to be getting back from the hurricane." - 39' Vessel
  • "Deck hands are great. I had a great time." - 42' Vessel
  • "I had a great time at the marina. It was a great experience" - 44' Vessel
  • "Overall I had an excellent experience at the marina." - 45' Vessel
January 2018 - 
  • "Deck Hands are great! I had a great time." - 42' Vessel
  • "I had a great time at the marina. It was a great experience." - 44' Vessel
  • "Overall I had an excellent experience at the marina. Gary the dockmaster told me he would be there in exactly 6 minutes to fuel my boat and he did arrive in exactly 6 minutes." - 45' Vessel
June 2017 - 
  • "John at the marina and all office staff are very helpful, professional, and friendly. I am new to sailing and this area, your assistance with my uncertain schedule was awesome. Great people and facilities!" - 34' Vessel
February 2017 - 
  • "All are wonderful here!" - 44' Vessel
  • "Very easy, these guys are great and flexible! Get us in early if needed and always work with our schedule."  - 48' Vessel
  • "These guys are family!" - 48' Vessel
January 2017 -
  • "John was very helpful and customer service was awesome. We have had John take our lines and he knows exactly what do to." - 38' Vessel

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Marina Cabo San Lucas Logo

Marina Cabo San Lucas:

July 2018 - 
  • "Keep More IGY Marinas Coming!" - 42' Vessel
April 2018 -
  • "Jesus is great. Come back just because of the service." - 120' Vessel
  • "Great Place!" - 34' Vessel
March 2018 - 
  • "Muy limpio, personal muy atento y servicial" - 37' Vessel
  • "We love the awesome women at the reception, above and beyond duty. Muchos gracias, Fantastic experience!" - 40' Vessel
  • "Very Helpful + Things made easy! Thank you!" - 72' Vessel
  • "The service in the office from the women is the best!" - 40' Vessel
February 2018 - 
  • "The security and office staff are courteous, professional and extremely helpful! We appreciate everything you guys do for us! Keep up the hard work!!!" - 42' Vessel
  • "Staff was very helpful + professional. We'll be back!" - 45' Vessel
  • "Beautiful facilities & pleasant marina staff." - 40' Vessel
December 2017 - 
  • "Nice, Friendly People." - 42' Vessel
  • "Marina was great!" - 51' Vessel
  • "LOVE IT HERE!" - 19' Vessel
  • "Outstanding Service" - 44' Vessel
November 2017 - 
  • "Wonderful Staff, Especially office staff Mariana, Thanx." - 39' Vessel
  • "Very Clean, Professional" - 35' Vessel
  • "Thanks so much for finding a place for us!" - 35' Vessel
  • "Wonderful experience from the dock workers to the office, Thank you." - 40' Vessel
August 2017 - 
  • "Great IGY Team here! Keep up the good work!" - 72' Vessel
June 2017 -
  • "Everybody was very friendly and helpful. Exceptional & Nice Ladies at Desk :)" - 65' Vessel
  • "Marina Cabo San Lucas, Best Marina on the west coast, including USA!" - 103' Vessel
  • :Service was beyond excellent! Facilities & docks in pristine shape. Keep doing what you're doing and thank you for having bilingual staff, still working on our Spanish." - 38' Vessel
April 2017-
  • "Great marina. Great Facilities and security. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay - Thank you" - 37' Vessel
March 2017 - 
  • "Muy Buena Organizacion Y Gran Apoyo En Emergencias :)" - 25' Vessel
  • "Todo Excelente Muy Contento Con El Servicio" - 27' Vessel
  • "The staff at IGY has always been helpful and understanding in our operations and have been an absolute pleasure to work with. I'll look forward to many years in IGY's providing us with a wonderful service." - 32' Vessel
January 2017 -
  • "I've been coming here 40 years and it keeps getting better." - 44' Vessel
  • "I started my yachting career in Cabo and the addition of a four star marina is most welcome." - 110' Vessel

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Yacht Club at Isle de Sol Logo

Yacht Club at Isle de Sol:

March 2018 -
  • "Best Ever!!!" - 43' Vessel
  • "Keep up the good work." - 316' Vessel
  • "Amazing Service. The way crew are respected and treated is amazing and we love it here." - 203' Vessel
February 2018 - 
  • "Shanika is fantastic and always happy to help" - 130' Vessel
  • "GREAT!!" - 54' Vessel 
January 2018 - 
  • "IDS has done a great job getting back in business after Irma. Staff are super friendly and go out of their way to help." - 171' Vessel
  • "All the boys, very friendly and professional. Guard gate security very nice" - 125' Vessel
  • "As easy and pleasant as ever. The team were accommodating given our requirements. Very Satisfied." - 159' Vessel
March 2017 -
  •  "The best ever. We (Heart) it here" - 131' Vessel
  • "Keep up the good work!" - 177' Vessel
  • "All Excellent, all staff including the security have been friendly & efficient. All Good!" - 52' Vessel
  • "Love the facilities and the Friendly atmosphere. Keep up the good work! :) - 120' Vessel
  • "All good. Veronica always does her best to accommodate our requests. Service and facility are first rate! Except that we had to leave. Wish we could stay longer. Our favorite place to stay in the Caribbean! We always look forward to coming back." - 160' Vessel
  • "Myself - crew - and guests very much enjoyed our stay in your marina. The office and dock staff were very attentive to our needs. We look forward to a longer stay next year..." - 125' Vessel
February 2017 -
  • "I have stayed at IDS since it opened and it just continues to improve" - 60' Vessel
  • "A Pleasure, met outside and guided right through the process until every last line was made off!" - 45' Vessel
  • "One of the very best marinas ran by some of the best people in charge" 164' Vessel

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Blue Haven Marina:

March 2017 - 
  • "Entire Staff on property:Friendly, professional, willing to go the extra mile to assist with anything." - 46' Vessel
February 2017 -
  • "The staff here at Blue Haven are an amazing group of people. I would really like to point out the dockhand Howard. Very hardworking and motivated individual. Knows how things should be and is willing to assist in any way possible. Super friendly and a pleasure to be around. I look for to future visits to this location. The marinas involvement in local support is incredible. Its always a good feeling when you can give back to the local community." - 90' Vessel 
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Yacht Haven Grande:

June 2018 - 
  • "Very nice marina, wonderful service." - 86' Vessel
  • "Awesome!! Highly Recommended! Everything Excellent!" - 27' Vessel

May 2018 -
  • "Great staff-Amazing experience. Reception and dock hands very professional" - 46' Vessel
  • "Stephanie,Earl,Deshawn,and Diana were very friendly and helpful." - 44' Vessel
  • "Love it we'll be back in November. Great staff in and out. Great facility. Thanks for everything." - 103' Vessel
  • "The Staff is what keeps us coming back Earl, Frank, Ashton, Jerry, Diana, Stephanie, All go out their way to help every time." - 60' Vessel

April 2018 -
  • "Best Marina in St. Thomas." - 56' Vessel
  • "Only dock guys in the virgin islands that know how to handle a yacht." - 62' Vessel
  • "Great staff and docks" - 56' Vessel
  • "Been coming for years. Good friendly staff." - 160' Vessel
  • "Always a pleasure to be here." - 50' Vessel
  • "We love coming here. very hospitable, best marina staff in USVI + BVI." - 50' Vessel
  • "All Amazing As Always!!" - 62' Vessel
  • "Always easy and a pleasure." - 58' Vessel
  • "Everything was great, wonderful restaurants" - 50' Vessel
March 2018 -
  • "The crew is great and accommodating." - 50' Vessel
February 2018 - 
  • "Awesome spot to be docked, staff friendly and amazing, will always use for pick up and drop off of guests." - 60' Vessel
  • "Always first class!" - 198' Vessel
  • "Office staff are fabulous!! Marina crew is great!! - 65' Vessel
  • "The staff makes this the place. They are all a pleasure to work with." - 62' Vessel
  • "Professionalism of Staff and their eagerness to help makes a stay here pleasant and accommodating every single time. Much better than any property on the island." - 197' Vessel
  • "Excellent as always, great staff and front office is the best. Aston is amazing and tries to make our day every day." - 60' Vessel
December 2017 - 
  • "Always happy to stay at YHG!" - 56' Vessel
  • "Excellent, quiet, great facilities." - 242' Vessel
November 2017 - 
  • "Very impressed with efforts to get dock ready. Awesome staff!!!" - 65' Vessel
  • "Great experience and a Big thank you for Earl for all of his help!" - 50' Vessel
  • "Great place and great people! Stephanie was my favorite person ever!" - 52' Vessel
  • "Awesome, Awesome, Awesome" - 60' Vessel
  • "Wonderful staff, friendly, helpful" - 40' Vessel
  • "Excellent office staff and dock staff" - 55' Vessel
  • "I love the team here! Everyone is working hard to make this place great!....It Shows!" - 92' Vessel
  • "You guys rock!" - 58' Vessel
August 2017 - 
  • "Very nice ambiance and people." - 36' Vessel
  • "As always, it was a great experience, very consistent, great service and facilities - Congratulations on a job well done!" - 45' Vessel
June 2017 - 
  • "Best part of the experience was the hospitality" - 114' Vessel
  • "Excellent Marina Services, Maintained Superbly, Thank You" - 60' Vessel
  • "Never had any complaints - no need to change something that is not broken. Always recommend YHG to all my mates. The attitude of the staff was the main thing. Felt like I was welcome.I saw the marina and popped in to the office... met Corrine and have been coming here ever since. Naturally all the facilities are better than any other marina in the Caribbean too... which is awesome, but the staff made the difference. Don't change anything..." - 53' Vessel
  • "Professional Crew and Friendly Faces" - 130' Vessel 
April 2017 - 
  • "This is the best marina in the Caribbean!!" - 62' Vessel
March 2017 -
  • "The Best part about my experience at Yacht Haven Grande was the Dock Staff and the Office Staff." - 107' Vessel
  • "The Best part about my experience at Yacht Haven Grande is the staff Stephanie, Earl, Deshawn, Corinne, Frank." - 172' Vessel
  • "The Best part about my experience at Yacht Haven Grande was the Personnel and the facilities. Thank You very much for a lovely stay." 160' Vessel
  • "The Best Part of my experience was the staff they were super helpful. Thank You Guys!" 60' Vessel
  • "My best experience about Yacht Haven Grande Marina is everything and the people Shamal, Deshawn, Earl, Kassai, Jeshawn, also the marina office." - 60' Vessel
  • "My best part of my experience with YHG Marina is the lovely staff." - 260' Vessel
  • "We always stay here, the marina office is the best to work with." - 200' Vessel

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Rodney Bay Marina Logo

Rodney Bay Marina:

February 2018 - 
  • "Brilliant Marina, Happy Smiling Staff!" - 45' Vessel
  • "Very friendly and helpful." - 38.5' Vessel
  • "Excellent friendly staff." - 44' Vessel
  • "Life on the marina is nice. Restaurants, facilities are very nice, good condition." - 39' Vessel
January 2018 - 
  • "Great past experience and great current experience. Your staff treat us like family! Thanks!" - 44' Vessel
  • "Loved it! Booked my next visit already!" - 52' Vessel
  • "Thanks to all very friendly staff!" - 49' Vessel
  • "Congratulations for having a great and helpful staff." - 46' Vessel
  • "Sasha was very helpful and friendly, wonderful person! Very quiet." - 46' Vessel
  • "Lovely Friendly Marina Staff" - 46' Vessel
December 2017 - 
  • "Enjoyed my time here" - 49' Vessel
  • "It was perfect. The girls in the office were super efficient." - 49' Vessel
  • "Since my first stay at IGY-RBM more than a year ago, we have always been treated like family. The entire staff wear only smiles and are always willing to assist us with any of our needs whether they be boat related or not. Location was the reason for our initial selection. We come back because it feels like home." - 52' Vessel 
November 2017 - 
  • "The bill fish tournament went extremely well. Great time at this marina." - 33' Vessel
  • "We loved every minute of our stay. Bill fishing tournament was awesome. We will return soon." - 36' Vessel
  • "I am definitely returning. There were beautiful women everywhere I looked. I had a fantastic time. Beautiful Island." - 42' Vessel
September 2017 - 
  • "I will be coming back. Wonderful place to be." - 29' Vessel
August 2017 - 
  • "Good place to stay for Mercury Beach Party." - 27' Vessel
June 2017 - 
  • "The girls at the front desk were great. Entire marina reflected professional care + pride. The way staff were always cheerful + willing to assist, looking forward to a return visit!" - 40' Vessel
May 2017 - 
  • " Best in the Caribbean" - 40' Vessel
  • "The staff in the office and on the docks are great! Very friendly and helpful in all respects! Thanks!" - 53' Vessel
April 2017 - 
  • "Very Friendly Staff, Boatyard and Marina. Thank you....A Thoroughly Pleasant Experience...Boatyard Very Helpful." - 40' Vessel
March 2017 -
  • "The dock master Barry and the girls at the reception are excellent! Congratulations!" - 54' Vessel
  • "Our handler on the dock ELTON was the best we've ever hard he made sure we were tied up well. The slips were great we were on the concrete docks and had plenty of room and privacy. The office staff (LIZ and the others) were extremely helpful throughout our whole stay. This is possibly the best marina (out of very many) we have been to." - 64' Vessel
  • "All good! Office and dock staff all great!" - 43' Vessel

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One Island Park Logo

One Island Park Miami:

April 2018 - 
  • "Nice and Clean!" - 201' Vessel
  • "Wonderful staff, good location in relation to South Beach!" - 200' Vessel
  • "The facility for owners in my opinion is one of the best in the business. Marina staff all superb and in my opinion, amazing!" - 200' Vessel
  • "5 Stars, Great Service!" - 201' Vessel
  • "Awesome Time!" - 312' Vessel
  • "Excellent Service" - 217' Vessel

February 2018 - 
  • "Friendly dock staff, good location, great IGY facility!" - 148' Vessel
  • :Close to Shops. That's Great!" - 154' Vessel
  • "Great marina crew!" - 203' Vessel
  • "Perfect" - 279' Vessel
December 2017 - 
  • "Super Friendly Staff" - 151' Vessel
  • "Great team, working well with all of the crew on board." - 279' Vessel
  • "Very good marina. Pedro is the best." - 170' Vessel
  • "Great marina team." - 216' Vessel
  • "Great stay! Loved the bikes." - 216' Vessel
  • "Great crew" - 213' Vessel
April 2017 - 
  • "Convenient and it hit our criteria to get the engine work we needed in a timely manner." - 257' Vessel
March 2017 -
  • "For a brand new marina you surely have got it together - Kudos!" - 274' Vessel
  • "Great Service. Gili was fantastic in arranging additional services" - 256' Vessel

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North Cove Marina Logo

North Cove Marina at Brookfield Place:

October 2017 - 
  • "Made four or five reservations this summer and each one was more seamless than the one before. Dock staff always remembered us. Even remembered what tie up we prefer! Now that's service. Dock staff were great. Concierge Kim was a life saver. She helped organize catering and car services and anything else we needed in short notice. Such a great help!" - 112' Vessel
  • "A great stay at North Cove Marina again. The concierge Kim was a great addition to our stay. She was able to work with the owners and get them whatever they needed. She was always on call to organize car services and anything else we needed. Great great help!" - 130' Vessel
  • "My bosses always love their time here. Brookfield Place has a lot to offer them. The dock staff make them feel like family. Their time in NYC is always made better by their North Cove Marina stay. Thanks from us to you!" - 52' Vessel
August 2017 - 
  • "Space was lovely with minimal public attention. Dockstaff were extremely welcoming and nice." 111' Vessel
  • "Incredible experience - unlike any other marina! Concierge came around with North Cove glasses, everything had an added touch. Just one step above the rest!" - 143' Vessel
  • "Views of the Statue of Liberty - incredible!" - 75' Vessel
  • "Staff was very attentive, well-maintained and clean property, and incredibly convenient location. In the heart of it all!" - 93' Vessel 
  • "Exemplary effort by the dock staff - went above and beyond day in and day out. Very friendly, professional, and pleasant. Location was spectacular." - 44' Vessel 
  • "Great staff, best marina stay in Manhattan." - 120' Vessel
  • "Wonderful marina with great access to all NYC attractions, great restaurants, etc. Very much enjoyed our stay!" 73' Vessel
  • "Dock staff Ryan, Jason and Marie were all on the docks every time I came in and out helping with lines and fenders. This is a brand new boat so I was a little nervous about it but their help was invaluable!  Excellent marina all around. I wasn't staying on my boat but always ended up staying around the marina longer than expected to chat with the staff. They make this marina!" 45' Vessel
  • "Owner enjoyed the marina so much we came back multiple times after our first stay. Really enjoyed the dock staff team - Jason, Chris, Marie, and Josh. Kim the concierge was beyond helpful as well with arranging provisioning for our chef and helping coordinate deliveries with our stew." 121' Vessel 
  • "Never have we been to a marina where we've been greeted with an IGY cooler and marina-specific glasswear. Kim was fantastic, staff was excellent. Only marina we'll be staying at in NYC!" 150' Vessel
  • "Marina staff were the most friendly we've ever encountered! This was our first trip to New York and my wife and I were thrilled with the restaurant and Broadway show recommendations by Kim and Marie. Lovely stay, we will be back!" 62' Vessel
  • "Dramatic location! Freedom tower and the Statue of Liberty were at our fingertips, along with a host of great restaurants. Dock staff were great - good to know that our boat was in good hands while we were out exploring." - 40' Vessel 
July 2017 - 
  • "Always wonderful coming to North Cove. Pleasant stay, great dock staff, dockmaster Josh was always available and accessible. Loved it!" - 82' Vessel
  • "Our slip was like our second home only minutes from our apartment." - 45' Vessel
  • "Extremely accommodating and welcoming." - 56' Vessel
  • "We visit marinas all over the world and I have never met such friendly staff. The North Cove team are simply the best." - 141' Vessel 
  • "Mike, Josh, and Kim were always accommodating and readily available to answer any questions I might have. Everything went perfectly for our Formula E event thanks to North Cove Marina." 55' Vessel
  • "Kim was extremely helpful with out reservation. All we had to do was call and she was able to do everything over the phone for us since we are not the most tech savvy. Such a convenience! Marie was amazing with welcoming us and making us feel right at home. She took the time to walk us through the welcome packet and give us out-of-towners quite the introduction to the big apple. She told us where to visit, what to see, etc., and answered our many questions. We went to see the Broadway show "Anastasia" like Marie had recommended and we LOVED it!" 46' Vessel
  • "We visit marinas all over the world and I have never met such friendly staff. The North Cove team are simply the best." - 141' Vessel
June 2017 -
  • "Loved it! Has stayed here before and always has a fantastic time. A favorite marina to go to. Perfect area, great views, great staff. Always pleasant at North Cove." - 96' Vessel
  • "Loved it! The owner's were looking forward to staying here during the entire trip. This was their favorite part" - 115' Vessel
  • "Always a great stay at this marina. Love it here! Always coming back, never disappointed!" - 93' Vessel
  • "North Cove is a class act! Top of the great marina list! Long time customer, always a great stay" - 40' Vessel
  • "Had a great stay! Perfect location! Great staff!" - 44' Vessel
  • "Lovely stay! Location is perfect. Great to get to NY and see a Broadway show. Local restaurants are great too." - 65' Vessel
  • "Staff were extremely helpful with lines and knowing which placement was best for our vessel. Great to have knowledgeable dock staff! Frequently stay here. Love the home like atmosphere that comes with a boutique marina. Great location and always lovely staff." - 34' Vessel 
  • "Great location for our guests! Concierge and dock staff were a great help in getting catering suggestions and finding the best Italian place around. It was also great to be able to give a package to the dock staff and have it mailed off for us. Great service and hassle free."  - 92' Vessel
  • "Dock staff were extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly what lines I needed for what and where. Such a relief for a new captain with a brand new boat." 58' Vessel
  • "Extremely friendly dock staff. Were extremely helpful. Concierge got us a last minute reservation at Blue Fin before our Broadway show which was amazing! Great week at North Cove. Owners really enjoyed it." - 96' Vessel
May 2017 -
  • "Thoroughly enjoyed stay." - 98' Vessel
  • "Thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Would recommend and come back." - 50' Vessel 
  • "Used the sailing school which was a great amenity. Dock staff was very accommodating." - 88' Vessel 
  • "Stayed in NCM last year as well. Always enjoy staying here. Surrounding area and amenities are great as well as the lovely dock staff" - 59' Vessel
  • "Great dock Staff. Love Brookfield Place." - 48' Vessel
  • "Dock staff were extremely accommodating and the location is great." - 40' Vessel
  • "Always pass by the marina and decided to finally stop in rather than staying in Jersey as per usual. Wife loves it here, loves NYC and the area. Everything that one need's is right here in this location. The dock staff was extremely accommodating. Will definitely be back throughout the summer." - 55' Vessel
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Red Frog Beach Island Marina:

June 2018 - 
  • "The staff at Red Frog were great, very helpful, friendly and professional. They assisted us with everything we needed and made our stay in Red Frog memorable. We look forward to returning to Red Frog. Employees were great, knowledgeable and friendly, docks were clean and security was great." - 112' Vessel
February 2018 - 
  • "Great location to stay at with the whole island of Bastimentos at your disposal. Lots of options for walking around the island; great beaches and different restaurants that you can eat at. The addition of the beach club with pool is a real benefit. Shuttles to Bocas town are extremely convenient for provisioning. High quality floating docks that are well maintained." - 35' Vessel 
  • "Great reception by manager who took our lines. Staff is very helpful and make you feel at home. " - 53' Vessel
January 2018 - 
  • "We were well looked after. The Dock Master was present for our arrival and all was good. I would recommend this marina to others. Nice, safe, and quiet setting compared to others." - 46' Vessel
December 2017 - 
  • "Great Marina for leaving boat during hurricane season." - 48.6' Vessel
  • "Nice slips. Great condition." - 47' Vessel
  • "Donna, Amanda, and Chelsea in the IGY office have been so helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. We arrived several hours early and on the weekend, the dockmaster was quick to greet us, arranged for C/I to check us in and gave us a personal tour of the resort. Arrived in July with plans to only stay for 1 month. It is now December and not only are we still here, we intend to stay long term largely in part to this marina and the wonderful staff." - 41' Vessel
  • "Keep Deci on - he's one of your greatest assets."  - 177' Vessel
August 2017 - 
  • "The people are very friendly and nice, they treat you well. I recommend totally 100%. It's a very beautiful area, keep this development great like it is. The people (DC, Amanda, and Chelsea) and the helpers at the dock are very helpful people, great people." - 112' Vessel
  • "Amazing customer Service: No Issues! Great Security; very safe area. Great hospitality! We loved our stay and wish it had been longer!" - 154' Vessel

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Golfito Marina Village Logo

Golfito Marina Village:

May 2018 -
  • "Great Service!" - 48' Vessel
  • "This is a FANTASTIC marina! Brand new facilities, ideal location, very friendly and helpful staff. Incredibly pleased with our stay! HIGHLY recommend." - 43' Vessel
  • "Excellent. Great facility. Great staff." - 93' Vessel
April 2018 - 
  • "Everyone was very nice and helpful, especially when unloading groceries and provisions (Thanks Ariel!!!)" - 106' Vessel
  • "Nice Dock Staff, clean, convenient" - 147' Vessel
  • "Ariel was the best! Very kind, friendly and helpful!" - 106' Vessel
  • "Very well built and designed marina, staff was very friendly and helpful" - 147' Vessel
  • "On-sight restaurants and close proximity to grocery stores, etc were a bonus. Marina staff are very friendly & helpful. I love that we had access to Casa Roland's pool." - 106' Vessel

March 2018 - 
  • "Great Place, Will Return, Keep Building." - 89' Vessel
  • "Andy, Maikol, and the entire staff were amazing and extremely helpful with everything." - 38' Vessel
February 2018 -
  • "Great experience very helpful staff & management' - 196' Vessel
  • "Excellent service" - 160.7' Vessel
January 2018 - 
  • "Lovely new marina, efficient, clean and very friendly" - 160' Vessel

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Marina at Ortega Landing Logo

Marina at Ortega Landing

July 2018 -

  • "Overall, this is the best marina we have stayed at in our three years of full-time cruising. The facilities, the staff, the amenities, and the activities are all #1. We really enjoyed our stay. The Fourth of July party alone was worth the trip up the river!" - 42' Vessel
  • "It was a Sunday and Cam the general manager came down to the dock to help with the lines. He gave a welcoming packet with great information and our gate keys. Will be back. Easily the best marina we have stayed at. We're here one month." - 44' Vessel

June 2018 -

  • "Staff went out of their way to make our stay enjoyable. First class all around. We will be back. Facilities are outstanding. Wonderful pool, picnic area along the water, great bicycles to ride to town, and great pet area." - 43' Vessel

May 2018 -
  • "Was great. Dock master & neighbors met us at slip to tie up and provide welcome package. Very helpful and flexible. Bruce, Cam and all staff were great. Loved Ortega." - 38' Vessel
  • "Great marina with a very helpful, friendly staff. Pool and hot tub can’t be beat. Best marina we’ve seen!" - 43' Vessel
April 2018 -
  • "The folks were fantastic and pool hot tub and parties along with mainly the people! This is in the top of the list for friendly people and great fellow boaters. We plan on coming back!" - 38' Vessel 

March 2018 - 
  • "After being on the water for over a year and staying in over 150 marinas, this marina is in the top 10. Actually, it is number one. This has been the best experience we have had with marinas. We are not only going to recommend to all of our Looper friends, we look forward to staying again." - 36' Vessel

February 2018 - 
  • "Great Service. Very Clean Facility, Great Staff. Nice Docks. By far the best marina on the east coast of Florida. Top notch amenities. Fresh baked cookies on arrival! Really, the experience rivals the big hotel properties." - 34' Vessel
  • "Very smooth and well organized. Beautiful, well maintained slips. We consider it the best marina on the East coast." - 45' Vessel
  • "We have stayed at many marinas in our 25 years of yachting. This is by far the best Marina we have ever stayed in. It is so well managed and maintained at very high standards. We have chosen to return here for several months at a time for the past eight years and are very confident in recommending it to our yachting friends. This is our favorite Marina to visit when we are not cruising the Islands. Wonderful facilities, sparkling pool, beautiful clubhouse. We can’t possibly say enough about how well we have always been treated by the Marina staff ; they are professional, thoughtful, very kind, and by far the best we have encountered anywhere. A very impressive team. They always go the extra mile to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Congratulations on a job so very well done! : It’s impossible to improve upon perfection. It seems to us you doing everything just right. A job very well done indeed...Superlative." - 80' Vessel 
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