American Yacht Harbor
COVID-19 Information


MARCH 7, 2022


  1. See for the full, formal requirements for entry. These apply to all air & sea arrivals from outside the US Virgin Islands – including the United States, Puerto Rico, BVI, internationally, etc.
  2. All arriving yachts from outside the USVI must complete the USVI Travel Portal at for all persons aboard the vessel within five (5) days prior to your arrival. For children exceptions, see page 2 for more info.
  3. Effective March 7th 2022, for domestic travel originating from the USA or from another US Territory, fully vaccinated individuals are not required to test prior to entry to the USVI. Vaccination records must be uploaded to the USVI Travel Portal. ‘Fully vaccinated’ means a person has received their primary series of COVID-19 vaccines – i.e. booster shots are not required at this time.
  4. For those arriving from an international port (including the BVI), and/or  are not fully vaccinated, test results are required prior to arrival – which you should upload to the USVI Travel Portal. Test types accepted:
    1. negative Covid-19 molecular (rt-PCR / viral / nucleic acid amplification) test from a nasal or throat or saliva swab taken, with the result valid within the previous five (5) days, OR
    2. negative Covid-19 antigen (rapid) test from a nasal or throat swab taken, with the result valid within the previous five (5) days.
    3. CDC-accepted proctored test results may be acceptable for Travel Portal Use.
  5. Travelers aged 2-17 are exempt from the vaccine requirement.
  6. Update: International direct AIR arrivals to the USVI require test results within the previous five (5) days.
  7. The authorities will advise if your application is acceptable following upload to the USVI Travel Portal.
  8. Voyage time greater than five days: Please notify the YHG marina office of this scenario well in advance of arrival. If all aboard are fully vaccinated, and tested immediately prior to departure with negative results, you may be able to arrive without testing upon arrival. Contact the YHG Marina office for assistance.
  9. If you do not possess any valid test results, you will be required to self-quarantine aboard vessel for 14 days upon To reduce the 14-day quarantine requirement, you can book a Covid test through our marina office with our partner clinic. Contact the marina office at least 3-4 days in advance to book an appointment. See page three for FAQs relating to organizing testing with us.


  1. Arriving vessels must fly their yellow ‘Q’ flags, until they have satisfied the ‘free-pratique’ requirements as per USVI regulations and international maritime law.
  2. Lowering the ‘Q’ yellow flag, will be official confirmation to the marina that your vessel has met its obligations under USVI and International Maritime Law, and the vessel is free from disease.


Q. Can the marina arrange Covid-19 testing on our behalf?
A. Yes. Simply give us 3-4 days’ notice of your ideal test date, to [email protected] to book an appointment with our partner clinic. Next day bookings are not possible, so please plan ahead.

Q. What days of the week is testing available?
A. Monday – Friday work hours. Weekends are possible by advance arrangement – surcharges apply.

Q. What types of tests can be booked with your partner clinic, and what are their costs?
A. Two types of tests are available: 1) Abbott BinaxNOW Antigen test; 2) rt-PCR test.

Q. What is the typical result turnaround time?
A. Please plan for a test result turnaround of next business day; however, depending on the clinic’s business levels, you may well receive results the same day for both tests.

Q. I need a test result to present to a third country’s officials. What type of test should I take?
A. Please double check what type of test your destination will accept: if in doubt, specify rt-PCR.

Q. I just need a test that gives us peace of mind that my crew and/or guests are free from illness. Which test should we take?
A. Abbott BinaxNOW Antigen test.

Q. I need my results as quickly as possible – which type of test should I take?
A. Abbott BinaxNOW Antigen test.

Q. Does AYH offer onboard testing, where the nurse comes to our vessel to conduct the tests?
A. Yes, however, this concierge service is generally limited to yachts that have three or more crew aboard who require testing. Where only one or two crew, they will be required to walk to the Red Hook clinic.

Q. I have rotational crew flying in to join the vessel but want them tested with clear results before they board ship. Possible?
A. Yes. We can arrange an appointment to walk into either the YHG clinic, or Red Hook clinic (whichever is more convenient). Once the result comes back clear, they can leave their onshore accommodation and report to the vessel.

Q. What time can I expect testing to occur?
A. Walks-in to the AYH clinic are generally conducted at 430pm. On-board testing is usually around 0800am, but AYH will advise your appointment time when finalizing your booking.

Q. I’m ready to book an appointment. How do I do this with you?
A. First, please send your vessel name, date of appointment (weekdays only), and your crew list of those who require testing to [email protected]. Specify what type of test you require.
A. Second, please complete the clinic registration webform for each member of crew here.