Bert Fowles, Elected Vice Chairman of United States Superyacht Association



Bert Fowles, IGY’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales was recently elected Vice Chairman of the United States Superyacht Association (USSA) Board of Directors.

Representing the multibillion-dollar superyacht industry

The USSA is a 15-year-old organization comprised of nearly 400 member companies representing thousands of leading stakeholders in the international superyacht sector.  The association champions interests that support the multibillion-dollar global superyacht industry aligning legislative, marketing, and economic impact initiatives towards consistent industry growth.  With a majority of the USSA’s membership base having 80 employees or less, the organization is uniquely attuned to representing the small businesses that drive the superyacht sector.

Superyacht destination building 

Mr. Fowles has served as Marketing Chairman for the USSA for the past several years and has supported the organization to become a lead resource for U.S. and international destinations working to engage the growing superyacht market.  The association has built strong ties with public and private entities resulting in strategic insights that inform and educate markets to the positive economic impact of dynamic superyacht destination planning.

Superyacht data and trends

Compiling, analyzing, and presenting global superyacht data for the USSA, Mr. Fowles has worked closely with members to hone sector decision making reflective of latest industry trends. “The superyacht industry is run by a global community of absolutely amazing people that so many never see or fully understand, given the end result of our collective work – the superyacht” remarks, Fowles. “I am honored and humbled by the support of our membership in this new role and will work to continue to drive value through the association’s efforts”.

Fowles joins Diane Byrne, newly elected Chairwoman of the USSA and a dynamic Board dedicated to building on the strength and reputation the organization has built on since 2006.

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About United States Superyacht Association (USSA)
The USSA was formed in 2006 in direct response to the lack of a unified voice in the United States for the unique needs of the large yacht segment of the marine industry. Over the years, the 12 charter members have worked to grow the USSA to represent the superyacht industry in more than 26 states and 22 foreign countries.

With nearly 400 members, a strong national and international focus, and an international “Refit America” marketing plan designed to promote the importance of the refit industry in the United States, the USSA is poised to work even harder for the superyacht industry.

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