Enhancing the fun of superyacht ownership


Isle de Sol Marina in St. Maarten

Yacht Club Isle de Sol in St. Maarten

11 Jun 2023

Doing the math on the benefits of becoming a member of the IGY Trident Collective…

The single most important factor of a superyacht is the owner and delivering on the positive expectations that ownership creates. Owners, family offices, managers, captains and crew are always seeking global solutions that significantly enhance yacht operations to drive value. Until now, one hindrance to developing integrated global yachting solutions has been the lack of international network programs capable of transcending borders and effortlessly delivering vessel stakeholder measurable benefits through a single point of contact. Enter the IGY Trident Collective, fundamentally changing standards for superyacht owners.

Measuring fun

From a yachting viewpoint, “fun” can be measured in experiential time from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective. The ability to be ushered to the head of a crowded berthing line and be fast-tracked to a premium location, all while reducing key operational costs, are just a few benefits of the IGY Trident membership. This unique and innovative program’s value is not just a matter of measuring how much you invest in ownership but more about how much value is gained from the time on board with friends and family, the overall experience and, ultimately, the fun this delivers.

The unifying catalyst of IGY Trident is an unwavering commitment to 30 select superyacht owners as members of this exclusive program delivering on the dream of vessel ownership.  The membership is foundationally supported by the largest superyacht marina network in the world and centrally managed by an IGY Trident Manager as a single global contact point. The program adds value by managing costs, but more importantly delivers the tools to maximise ownership fun across the globe.

The IGY Trident equation

IGY Trident builds on the three key parameters of cost, value and fun, presenting an array of globally replicable benefits for each of the 30 exclusive members.

Cost – If a 60m superyacht visited a few marinas in the IGY network during the Mediterranean and Caribbean seasons and stayed for a total of 140 days over 12 months, with berthing fees, the yacht could spend over $400,000. Add $250,000 for fuel and $100,000 of utilities and these total costs could roughly equate to $750,000.

Value – If the same 60m superyacht became one of the 30 exclusive Trident Collective members, with the same operating profile, $100,000 is immediately saved on berthing fees, another $12,500 on fuel costs and an additional $5,000 on discounted utilities. So far, the IGY Trident value equates to almost $120,000 in discounts alone. Add into the Trident equation that IGY Collective members are guaranteed a premium berth regardless of existing waitlist, even during peak periods, at a 25 per cent discount. Coupled with additional partner benefits, including 10 per cent off BWA Yachting agency fees, emergency medical physicians on call 24/7, carbon neutral fuel program with fuel discounts, and a host of other financial and service benefits, everything starts to add up and make sense. The more IGY Trident membership services are used, the greater the savings.

Fun – After doing the math and working out the savings, by being one of 30 IGY Trident Collective members and benefiting from always being guaranteed the best berth in town, attending key events from F1 Grand Prix to Art Basel, there is the fun factor of the IGY Trident equation. Imagine docking in an IGY marina and being greeted as a member of a truly global yacht club with premium berths in the most desired blue-water destinations. Imagine your personal crew being supported by world-renowned Forbes Travel Guide luxury hospitality training and being able to look after you and your guests at a standard not previously experienced in the superyacht industry. This unique membership is designed to improve the quality of the experience for everyone on board, delivering both real value and serious fun.

The Trident Collective equation is simple: added Value through a variety of unique on-site marina network berthing benefits and tangible discounts, multiplied by Fun for the owner, divided by the operating Cost typically spent in disjointed ways equates to a completely positive ownership experience.

Most importantly, imagine superyacht operations at an entirely new level with IGY Trident, where unhindered global access, measurable benefits and a central contact deliver on increasing both the fun and the value of yacht ownership.

To request an IGY Trident membership application visit www.igytrident.com.