Enjoy Group and Marina Bahia Golfito Commit to Sustainable Development in Costa Rica

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  – 20 July 2023, Golfito, Costa Rica: Enjoy Group – Since 1973, a foremost hospitality company in Costa Rica—and Marina Bahia Golfito—a leading Costa Rica superyacht, sportfishing and eco- tourism haven—announce environmental and community strategies that support the development and enhancements underway at the marina and its landscape footprint. The expansion of both is guided by a steadfast commitment to minimal environmental disruption, enhanced programming for the local community, and a continuing passion to support ecological sustainability which is integral to Costa Rica and its way of life.


As a property of Enjoy Group—whose established sustainability program, HUMAN, mirrors global ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) efforts—the project at Marina Bahia Golfito is based on five unwavering principles. They are Ethics & Transparency, Collaborators & Family, Environmental Protection, Social and Community Protection, and Suppliers’ Sustainable Practices.

With a high degree of sensitivity to all, these pillars are essential as development occurs. All properties in the Enjoy Group portfolio are committed to the corporate responsibility HUMAN represents. More, as a company with deep roots in Costa Rica, Enjoy Group and its properties lead by example regarding community and ecological concerns.


With marina enhancements nearly complete and featuring a total of 122 slips, the approaching construction of waterfront villas and modern tropical condominiums accented by additional restaurants and luxury shops, Marina Bahia Golfito has undertaken its expansion through Enjoy Group’s ESG lens.

Environmentally responsible practices, monitoring programs, and ecotourism are fully in place. Current and future activity at Marina Bahia Golfito is measured and mitigated through resource use, biodiversity monitoring, carbon footprint offsetting, planting and regeneration of coral reefs, and client-based volunteer programs.

These strategies and programs reflect the very ethos of a business based in Costa Rica. The benefits of eco-expansion and related ecotourism celebrate nature and culture. In turn, protection of natural areas and the promotion of environmentally based development create awareness and positive effects on nature and local culture.


Marina Bahia Golfito is in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica, one of the country’s more uncharted territories. Ecotourism is rich in biodiversity, cultural vibrancy, and offers a rare opportunity to support microenterprises.

The beauty of place—including the Golfo Dulce Tropical Fjord and Forest Reserve, Corcovado National Park, and Golfito National Wildlife Refuge—is being accented by mindful architecture at the marina.

Celebrating local traditions, people, wildlife and ocean advocacy, Marina Bahia Golfito and Enjoy Group are deeply involved in cultivating relationships with both the natural world and the community. With environmental emphasis and sustainability best practices, they support local schools and universities, small suppliers, climate trade compensation and carbon offsetting, as well as working in partnership with three local nonprofits. These include Raising Coral Costa Rica, Shark Mission, and INA. A national learning institution, INA trains and certifies individuals and legal entities to contribute to personal growth, social mobility, productivity, and competitiveness that allows Costa Rica to adapt to the changes that the environment demands.

For more information regarding the nonprofits Marina Bahia Golfito and Enjoy Group participate in, visit these sites:
Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje: INA
Raising Coral Costa Rica: Raising Coral
Shark Mission: Mision Tiburon

As a hospitality company, Enjoy Group has long committed to the principles of sustainability; several of its properties have been awarded Costa Rica’s Instituto Costarrincense de Turismo’s Ecological Blue Flag and the Badge of Tourism Sustainability. Together with Marina Bahia Golfito, the companies are integrating the appropriate natural and cultural resources of the tourism badge while also seeking Ecological Blue Flag in sustainable design and construction. Criteria include legal compliance, water, energy, waste management, materials, and biodiversity. If awarded, it will be the first such designation in Costa Rica. Information regarding these certifications is available at the following links.

ICT Ecological Blue Flag
ICT Badge of Tourism Sustainability


Marina Bahia Golfito’s major destination and marina enhancements include building 11 waterfront villas and 40 modern tropical condominiums with additional luxury shopping and exquisite new restaurants. The expanded marina will feature a total of 122 slips. The expansion is guided by a multi-tiered approach to the tenets of eco-responsibility and sustainability fundamentally intrinsic to Costa Rica. Marina Bahia Golfito is a property of Costa Rican hospitality company, Enjoy Group, and a part of IGY’s global network.



About Marina Bahia Golfito
Located in one of the most vibrant destinations in Costa Rica, Golfito Bay is a “gulf within a gulf”, a pristine landscape framed by the lush mangroves of Corcovado and Piedras Blancas National Parks and home to some of the richest biodiversity in the world. It is here that yachtsmen, big game anglers, eco-adventurers, boaters, surfers, and outdoor lovers of all ages and interests reconnect with nature through an array of exhilarating adventures and activities.

This lush spot in the South Pacific offers the necessary amenities starting with berths of 40 to 350 feet in length. In addition, AMAKA Ocean Living Lodge (oceanfront hotel), La Playa Restaurant, and the MBG Crew Lounge offer worldclass services for those visiting on land and those who arrive by sea.

Marina Bahia Golfito is a property of Costa Rican hospitality company, Enjoy Group, and a part of IGY’s global network.
Marina Bahia Golfito

About Enjoy Group
Since 1973, Enjoy Group has innovated, developed, and managed projects in the hospitality industry of the Costa Rica and the Central American region. Deeply dedicated to its guests’ and employees’ experiences, Enjoy Group currently operates more than a dozen properties, including hotels, restaurants, destinations, and corporate services, making it a leading company in the tourism sector.

Enjoy Group is committed to generating a positive impact through commitment to 5 strategic pillars: company employees and families, environmental protection and responsibility, social and community outreach, ethics and transparency, and adequate supplier management.
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