IGY Marinas Pledges to Reduce and Offset Carbon Footprint Across the World’s Only Global Superyacht Network


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 17, 2021

IGY continues to lead from the forefront of the marine industry and joins leading companies of the world such as Amazon, Microsoft and JetBlue, in its commitment to reducing carbon footprints and impacts on the global environment.

November 17, 2021 – New York, NY. – The world’s only global superyacht marina network, Island Global Yachting (IGY), has recently announced its plan to reduce and offset carbon emissions from its growing 22 marina portfolio located across 13 countries.  IGY already follows rigid environmental standards and has recently pledged to enhance its environmentally stewardship program utilizing a carbon reduction and offset program with a focus on sponsoring localized projects committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

IGY’s pledge is based on three pillars …

  1. Prioritize: Prioritize the use of sustainable power sources and recycled and/or reduced carbon footprint products.
  2. Offset: Offset CO2 production from operations by purchasing carbon offset credits through the market with a focus on verified and locally relevant projects.
  3. Partnerships: Offer IGY tenants and marina customers the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions through fuel and electricity consumption at IGY marina locations through the voluntary purchase of carbon offsets

“Climate change is a very real threat to our oceans and coastal environments, and in turn, it is an existential issue for the yachting industry as a whole,” says Eric Simonton, IGY’s EVP of Real Estate and Asset Management, “We want to make sure that we are doing our part to protect these amazing ecosystems that our industry depends upon, and where our activities are producing CO2 emissions, we take responsibility and reduce and/or offset those carbon emissions.  IGY’s pledge represents a key milestone for our company and for the marina industry.”

IGY has partnered with World Kinetic Energy Services, a leader in global energy and fuel management to administer the program.

IGY sponsored two carbon offset projects in 2021 to offset its carbon emissions from corporate operations.  The first is a solar power project located in Baja California, Mexico, and the second is a reforestation project located in Colombia.   IGY will offset an estimated 3,652 metric tons of carbon emissions in 2021.  Each project adheres to Verified Carbon Standards, Global Standards to certify the emissions reductions, and The Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards, to ensure the projects deliver social and environmental benefits, with placement within the world registry accompanied by unique serial numbers.

Next year, the company will roll out a platform for tenants and marina guests to offset their carbon emissions through verified projects while staying at an IGY facility.  With this initiative, IGY is taking a lead role in supporting the global yachting sector to offset carbon producing activities and improve our global environment for future generations.

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