With IGY Trident Club, you never need worry about slip scarcity for your superyacht.

24 Jun 2024

A truly exclusive membership club that gives owners guaranteed dockage and priority access at the world’s top marinas.

Eliminates the inconvenience of trying to secure a berth in peak periods.

Highly recommended by superyacht owners and captains.

The global scarcity of superyacht berths is becoming a real headache for owners and captains, especially those arriving unscheduled or during peak periods at the world’s most coveted marinas.

Competition for berths at peak times is intensifying as new builds are delivered, orders continue to rise, and even larger vessels are being built. Meanwhile, demand for charter is at record levels.

A select group of owners and captains have found the solution – IGY Trident Club – an exclusive and private membership club that guarantees dockage and priority access at luxury marinas around the world.

IGY Trident Club makes dockage stress-free and allows owners, captains and crew to save money and time, while enjoying an elevated marina experience.

Priority access – guaranteed                                                             

IGY Trident Club eliminates the slip scarcity problem by providing guaranteed dockage and priority access at IGY’s 23 global luxury marinas, along with a wealth of operational benefits including significant dockage savings, and exceptional service and support.

Judging by feedback from captains, being part of Trident is a total game changer. Commenting on the priority access, cost-savings and IGY support, captains say:

“Always very helpful and the guaranteed dockage is a big plus…(IGY) have so far exceeded all expectations. Very happy.” Captain of a 58m vessel.

 “We love our Trident family. We know we are not the easiest program to accommodate as we very rarely have a schedule. We appreciate the flexibility and congeniality of the Trident team members we have the pleasure to work with.” Captain of a 61m vessel.

 “I signed my boss up for the Trident Club to save him money, but the level of service as a club member is more than I ever expected”. Captain of a 37m vessel.

IGY Trident Club offers two tiers of membership, each providing an attractive range of benefits. The Collective Membership guarantees dockage for a select group of 30 owners at IGY’s marinas in 13 countries, plus exciting perks and preferential treatment at every stage of the journey. The Club Membership provides priority access to IGY marinas and multiple operational benefits.

Collective and Club benefits include: priority tickets and access to exclusive events such as Grand Prix and parties at the world’s best marinas; VIP access to crew events; crew training in partnership with Forbes Travel Guide on hospitality, team building and high-level service; and partnership offerings such as discounts for global fuel bunkering and yacht agency service fees.

Captains have been blown away by the levels of service and exclusivity afforded to Trident members.

“I was pleasantly surprised time and time again by the level of service, perks and benefits afforded by the Trident program. The Trident staff, as well as all the staff at Yacht Haven Grande Miami, really made us feel like we were getting an elevated level service and overall better experience by enrolling in the membership. The Trident team would regularly check-in with me to ensure all our needs were met. They took the time to get to know each member of my crew, as well as the owner and his team of staff, enabling them to create a more bespoke service.” Captain of a 37m vessel.

 Excellent attention, very professional staff, great communication with captain and always open to help when (it) was needed.” Captain of a 61m vessel.

A limited number of IGY Trident Collective and Club places are available for owners who need absolute certainty and expect the highest levels of service and support.  

With slip scarcity expected to become more of an issue in the coming years, creating fierce competition for berths at the world’s leading marinas, joining the IGY Trident Club family could be the best operational decision you ever made.

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