Red Frog Beach Marina Guest Info COVID-19

November 9, 2021 Red Frog Beach Island Marina Guest Information


From: IGY Marinas

November 9, 2021

Dear Marina Guests,

We hope all Red Frog Marina guests and their families are safe and healthy. Red Frog Marina, with the support and guidance of IGY Marinas, continues to hold the safety and health of its guests and staff as the #1 priority.

For this reason, IGY-RFM is providing its guests with the following updates and general information to keep everyone apprised of the latest developments as it may affect daily life as a marina guest. These updates will also be available 24/7 on the marina’s specific COVID-19 website link:

The expectation is that the important steps and procedures put in place by the marina will be closely followed by all guests to ensure everyone’s safety. We encourage anyone with specific questions or critical needs during this time to contact the marina staff via telephone, e-mail, or VHF radio in advance to discuss any additional assistance needed. At present time, the following information is being provided to marina guests and will be amended as needed based on further developments:


The Marina Office is currently open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.:

    • Telephone: +507 6726-4500 – available 24/7
    • VHF: channel 68 – available 24/7
    • E-mail: [email protected]
    • Deci Davis, GM – (507) 6951-6518
    • Winston Dixon, Security Guard – (507) 6525-0864 (available 6pm to 6am)
    • Every day – (9am – 4pm) by appointment only
    • Telephone: +507 6951-6518
    • VHF 68
    • E-mail: [email protected]

Open every day, from 9AM to 4PM unless the government issues mandatory quarantine. The resort is allowing limited access to the market to accommodate boaters from the nearby anchorage. No access to the Resort or beaches is allowed through the Front Desk unless you are a marina customer. Non-Marina customers will only have access to the Market. The marina recommends all guests exercise proper hygiene precautions, social distancing and the use of proper PPE when grocery shopping.


Yachts are currently allowed to arrive and leave the marina.

    • Red Frog Resort is currently open for Red Frog and Marina Guests Only.
    • Beaches are open every day in Bocas del Toro.
    • Guests are permitted to use of dinghies and tenders to move around the local waters, unless the government issues mandatory quarantine. Please contact the marina staff if you require any assistance.
    • The marina recommends that all guests continue practicing safe social distancing and refrain from large social gatherings.

Felo’s water taxi service, is transporting marina guests Monday to Friday from the main dock, departing at 10am and returning at 1 pm, Space is limited and guests will be transported based on a first-come, first served basis. We ask that you consider the needs of other boaters to travel to town so that everyone has an opportunity to utilize this limited service to the extent possible. Please continue to maintain social distancing and wear your masks. Reminder that the taxi is for marina clients only, no guests, please.

If you need to travel to town outside of this limited schedule, you are welcome to arrange your own private water taxi. We will continue to monitor updates from the government and hope to increase the frequency of the water taxi service in the near future.

    • Marina guests CAN continue to use the marina’s laundry and bathroom facilities.
    • Laundry assistance from 8 am to 5 pm – Monday to Friday ($7 per load)
    • Please remember to clean up after yourself as staff resources are extremely limited at this time. Bath House is open 24/7. All machines are currently operable except for one dryer (replacement parts are on order).
    • Please do not leave laundry machines unattended.
    • Marina staff will perform general cleaning as often as possible.

Due to the lack of staff, please do not leave trash on dock. Trash must be placed the brown containers located on the main dock.

Please return the marina push carts to office area after each use.


Please inquire with the marina for private contractor information.


No. Bocas del Toro district (the archipelago) remains curfew-less. For more information on quarantine rules and travel restrictions, visit  ​​​

Maritime Authority in Bocas del Toro
(507) 757 9447 or (507) 6558

Ministry of Health Panama

National Migration Service

Bocas del Toro Hospital
(507) 757 9201

Red Cross
(507) 6841-7491

Fire-Extinguisher Station
(507) 758-3214 – (507) 757-9507

(507) 757-9217

    • Bath House is open 24/7.
    • Please note  the marina  is  currently  accepting vessels from local and international waters. For boats coming from outside Panama,  a negative antigen or PCR swab test certificate is required from the last port or within 48 hours of arrival.
    • We request current marina customers to not accept any visitors/guest/crew from outside the marina to their vessels.
    • All marina rules and regulations associated with your marina slip agreement must still be followed. Please feel free to request a copy of these rules for easy reference.
    • For your convenience, a WhatsApp group was created to have easier communication.

The Marina sincerely appreciates everyone’s patience and understanding. We will do everything possible to gradually re-open and restore normal services in accordance with local laws and the state of all health concerns. On behalf of the Marina Team thank you and stay safe.