Red Frog Beach Marina Info COVID-19




  • Marina is accommodating vessels currently at dock
  • Red Frog Marina is under quarantine
  • Panama borders are closed
  • All grocery stores are closed on weekends
  • Red Frog Market is open Monday through Friday 8am - 4pm.
  • Transport to Bocas Town is extremely limited
  • Long term vessels are accepted if they have completed the 14 day quarantine in Panamanian waters
  • Offices are closed to the public
  • Staff are answering emails and phone calls
  • Laundry and bath house remain open

As a precaution, Red Frog Resort and Red Frog Marina are encouraging guests to not travel to Bocas Town until further notice unless there is an emergency or it is for a critical need.

Fuel station available by appointment through VHF 68 or 


Yacht transits are subject to new conditions:

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) and the Ministry of Security represented by the National Naval Air Service, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, due to the bad practices by the Yacht owners and high level of contagion of COVID-19 in recent days, we kindly communicate:

  1. It is prohibited at national level, the transit/departure of Yachts from the different marinas, ramps or docks, for tourist, recreational or sport fishing purposes.
  2. In the case of donation deliveries, authorizations will not be granted for the delivery thereof, without previously having the approval of the local authorities and the Ministry of Health (of the destination places), as indicated in the release of June 1st of this year.
  3. Once you have the approval, you must request the authorization, through the emails and attaching the following information:
    • - Approval by the Local Authorities and the Ministry of Health.
      - Existing documents issued by the General Direction of Merchant Marine.
      - Current license issued by the General Direction of Seafarers.
      - Manifest or declaration of the supplies to donate.
  4. In the case of requiring testing of machines, they must send a formal request to the General Direction of the Merchant Marine to the email with a copy to specifying the following:
    • - List of people who would go on board including mechanics, without exceeding the number of 5 people.
      - Report of the work to be done, must include the detail of the issues that the motors are presenting, possible causes and reasons.
      - Marina or departure point.
      - The tests may not be practiced more than 1 nautical mile from their starting point and will be for a limited time of 1 hour and 30 minutes
      The Department of Navigation and Maritime Security will evaluate case by case and determine whether or not such permission is approved.
  5. Due to the crowds of people at the starting points, recreational and / or sports activities such as kayaking, paddle, jet skis, among others of this nature are prohibited.

The ships owners that violate what is indicated in this release, will be sanctioned based on the EC agreement. 18 OF 1976, for the non-compliance of mandates issued by the authority. We make a call for common sense in the opening of new activities, which should be gradual and asymmetrical, since the situation we are all going through is not yet over.


Red Frog Beach Marina
     Phone: +507 6726 1637

Maritime Authority in Bocas del Toro
     (507) 757 9447 or (507) 6558 0587

Ministry of Health Panama – Bocas del Toro Hospital
     (507) 757 9201

National Migration Service


Is the Marina accepting incoming vessels?
    Yes. Long term vessels accepted if a 14 day quarantine is completed in Panamanian waters.

Are vessels allowed to depart the Marina? 
     Vessels may only depart if they have authorization from AMP officials for departure or repairs. At this time they are not allowed to depart for recreational purposes and then return.

Are the marina amenities currently available for use? 
     Yes. The bath house and laundry facility will remain open, however, please maintain a safe distance to avoid any potential spread of the virus.

Is there a curfew in place? 
      Yes. Curfew is set in place for everyone from 7pm-5am and total weekend quarantine from Fridays 7pm until Monday 5am, except for emergencies.

Are vessel repairs available?
     Please contact the marina office for detailed information.

Is fueling available?
     Yes. Fueling is available by appointment only, please contact VHF-68 or

Are Ports currently open?     
     No. Ports currently are not open - you may contact the port directly for details - or (507) 757 9447

Are Airports currently open?     
     No. The international airport is closed and will remain closed for another 30 days until August 22, 2020 and may be extended. Cargo and Humanitarian flights are the only authorized flights.  Domestic flights have also been suspended.

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