Yacht Haven Grande Info COVID-19


Updated OCTOBER 20, 2020





The US Virgin Islands remains OPEN to yacht entry, however subject to the following entry requirements:

  1. See the infographic below for the formal USVI arrival requirements. This applies to all arrivals (by sea or air) from outside of the US Virgin Islands, including the United States, Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands, internationally, etc.
  2. All arriving yachts must complete the USVI Travel Portal webform at https://usvitravelportal.com/ for each person aboard the vessel within five days prior to your arrival.
  3. Test results are required prior to arrival, which you should upload on the USVI Travel Portal. Below are the test types accepted:
      1. negative antigen (PCR / molecular / antigen) swab test, with the result valid within the previous five days, OR
      2. positive serology antibody (blood) test, from the previous four months.
      3. Note that a negative serology test will not be accepted.

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  4. The authorities will advise if your application is accepted or not.
  5. If you do not possess valid test results, or your voyage duration to the USVI is more than five days, you will be required to quarantine aboard vessel for 14 days upon arrival.
  6. To reduce the 14-day quarantine requirement, you can book a Covid test through our marina office with our partner clinic. Contact the marina office at least 3-4 days in advance to book an appointment.


  1. Arriving vessels must fly their yellow ‘Q’ flags, until they have satisfied the ‘free-pratique’ requirements as per USVI regulations and international maritime law.
  2. Lowering the ‘Q’ yellow flag, will be official confirmation to the marina that your vessel has met its obligations under USVI and International Maritime Law, and the vessel is free from disease.

As per our Governor’s executive orders from September 8th, the USVI moved to ‘Safer at Home’ status, meaning the majority of businesses can now open with social distancing and other protective measures being in place (e.g. limited seating in restaurants).

Most businesses are now open with social distancing and masks worn indoor requirements in place. 

Hotels, Air B&B, Timeshares, and Yacht Charters are now permitted to accept new bookings for visitors and tourists as of September 18th. 

St. Thomas airport is open for inbound and outbound flights; inbound arrivals are subject to scanning. 

Restaurants and bars are operating with a limited amount of seating – please see Restaurant Limitations below.  

Retail outlets are open for business with a limited number of people entering the establishment.

Beaches are open, however will close at 4pm on weekends and public holidays.

Anchoring in the USVI is subject to Dept. of Natural Resources and Planning (DPNR) permits. See https://dpnr.vi.gov/environmental-enforcement/anchoring-mooring/ for more info.

Restaurant Limitations:

  • Establishments cannot cater to parties larger than six (6) people.  Larger groups can be split up among multiple tables that are properly spaced apart.
  • Restaurants and bars can only operate at half of the Fire Marshall approved seating capacity, or host a maximum of 50 customers – whichever is less.
  • Tables must be 6′ apart.
  • Alcohol cannot be served at bars.
  • Patrons must wear masks at all times when not eating or drinking.