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In matters of marine electric, trust doesn't come by way of a strong handshake.  Trust depends on what takes place in the middle of the ocean, half way around the world. 

Kristina Hebert, Chief Operations Officer
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Wards Marine Electric

AME Solutions

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Solutions to Optimize Reliability

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AME Solutions


Rodney Bay St. Lucia

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The marine environment is difficult on all watercraft, both inside & out.  When it comes to maintaining the bedding and interior of a boat, Lubeco has over 25 years of experience manufacturing and repairing custom interiors.  

Whether you have a traditional cruise, a yacht, a leisure craft, fishing boat, speed boat, or pontoon, we will be able to accommodate your requests.

Dockside Management

44 Welfare Rd. #2-E
Cole Bay, St. Maarten

Dockside Management

Rodney Bay Boatyard

Rodney Bay Marina
Gros Islet, St. Lucia
  • +1 758-458-4892

We are proud of our dry dock at Rodney Bay Marina.  While "on hard" at our boatyard, our team will manage repairs to your vessel with our promise of quality workmanship and timeliness.  Each of our services is provided with best-in-class level of quality and attention to detail.  

Adaptive Surface Technologies

85 Bolton Street, Suite 122
Cambridge, MA 02145

Email: info@adaptivesurface.tech

Adaptive Surface Technologies, Inc. (AST) is a Cambridge, MA-based industrial technology company that produces materials and coatings that repel fluids, contaminants, and biological fouling. 

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