Harbour Island


3 Days Itinerary



Rent a golf cart and head into town to visit the many boutiques in Dunmore Town. Grab lunch at Queen Conch and enjoy the fresh seafood dishes where you see the fisherman dropping off the conch and the amazing cuisine coming from the kitchen. Book a trip with Bonefish Stuart or one of the other leading guides to partake in a bonefish fishing trip. Head back to the Briland Club to dine on-site in the complex.


Take a guided dive-tour out the some of the shipwrecks, underwater caves, and coral reefs. Enjoy a delightful picnic lunch on the beach. Then take a drive on the Glass Window Bridge, where you can view the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the calm turquoise waters of the Bight of Eleuthera. This is the narrowest part of the island at only 30 feet wide. Then head back to enjoy the pink sand beaches and a sunset horseback ride along the water before dining and dancing the night away.


Explore the island and visit the Loyalist Cottage, admire the Commissioner’s Residence, built in 1913, The St. John’s Anglican Church built in 1768. Then wander down to the southern end of Bay Street to see 17th century battery built by the English with preserved cannons on the site. Last, make sure to visit the Lone Tree that appeared after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Enjoy some local cuisine and then head back to Briland Club to experience some on-site amenities.

Wonderful, clean and wide and PINK ! Lovely for walking, running or just building sand castle! Great swimming !

CasperBurger about Pink Sands Beach, TripAdvisor Review