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IGY Racing

"IGY Racing' is aligned with charity, teamwork and sportsmanship. Racing consists of vessels crewed by owners, crew, IGY team members, sponsors and charitable organizations.

IGY Racing La Couurse de L'Allliance 2019 Aerial

The Crew

Kidz at Sea
Started in 2017, KASF works with unemployed youth to provide maritime sector job skill training. KASF instructors and program members participate in the race.

Owners, Captains and Crew from vessels docked at Yacht Club Isle de Sol are invited to participate in racing. Races are being held every Wednesday until March 25th. Contact Marina office to sign up.

IGY Team Members
IGY team members participate in the races as a team building activity.

IGY Racing La Course de L'Alliance Crew 2019



The Races

The Races are St. Maarten centric aligned with:

-Existing on-island race activity where the vessel classes can be entered 

- Bespoke megayacht crew match races in Simpson Bay 

 - Other race locations and race activities based on vessel access/availability and team participation


 - March 25th, 2019 - Superyacht Crew Invitational. Check back for more information or contact the marina office. 


2019 Anguilla Regatta SXM

IGY Racing - Sign Up Now

Yacht Club at Isle de Sol

St. Maarten

E: IDS@IGYMarinas.com

T: +1 721-544-2408


Visit the Marina Office

IGY Racing Regatta Rules and Regulations
IGY Racing Regatta Rules and Regulations
Let's Go Racing IGY Racing Flyer
Let's Go Racing IGY Racing Flyer