1. See pages 2 & 3 for the formal USVI arrival requirements. These apply to all air & sea arrivals from outside the US Virgin Islands – including the United States, Puerto Rico, internationally, etc.
  2. All arriving yachts must complete the USVI Travel Portal at for all aboard the vessel within five days’ prior to your arrival.
  3. Test results are required prior to arrival**, which you should upload to the USVI Travel Portal. Test types accepted:
    1. A negative Covid-19 molecular (rt-PCR / viral / nucleic acid amplification) test from a nasal or throat or saliva swab taken, with the result valid within the previous five days*, OR
    2. A negative Covid-19 antigen (rapid) test from a nasal or throat swab taken, with the result valid within the previous five days*.
    3. **If individual crew were fully vaccinated locally in the USVI, these individuals must still complete the USVI Travel Portal but may not require a test prior to arrival (select ‘fully vaccinated locally’ check box and await confirmation).
    4. Note: positive serology antibody (blood) tests are no longer accepted effective August 13th
  4. The authorities will advise if your application is acceptable following upload to the USVI Travel Portal.
  5. International direct AIR arrivals to the USVI: in this case test results are required within the previous THREE (3) days, as per CDC
  6. Voyage time greater than five days: If you obtain acceptable test results immediately prior to a direct voyage to the USVI, not stopping elsewhere, have no illness aboard, and submit your results to the USVI Travel Portal in the required time frame, you may be accepted into the USVI (pls advise YHG marina office of this scenario to assist).
  7. If you do not possess any valid test results, you will be required to self-quarantine aboard vessel for 14 days upon To reduce the 14-day quarantine requirement, you can book a Covid test through our marina office with our partner clinic. Contact the marina office at least 3-4 days in advance to book an appointment. See page three for FAQs relating to organizing testing with us.


  1. Arriving vessels must fly their yellow ‘Q’ flags, until they have satisfied the ‘free-pratique’ requirements as per USVI regulations and international maritime law.
  2. Lowering the ‘Q’ yellow flag, will be official confirmation to the marina that your vessel has met its obligations under USVI and International Maritime Law, and the vessel is free from disease.
  • Every traveler aged five or older who enters the U.S. Virgin Islands, by air or sea, including anyone in-transit to another destination, is required to use the USVI Travel Screening Portal and submit a COVID-19 test result prior to travel. Without travel clearance from the portal, passengers may not be able to board an aircraft or vessel to the Territory.
  • Evidence of COVID-19 vaccination does not supersede the COVID-19 testing requirement set forth by the Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Travelers who have received a COVID-19 vaccination are required to use the USVI Travel Screening Portal.
  • Travelers are required to provide evidence of:
    • a COVID-19 molecular (e.g., RT-PCR, viral or nucleic acid amplification) test from a nasal or throat or oral rinse and/or saliva sample taken and NEGATlVE result received (both within five days of commencement of travel to the Territory) or
    • a COVID-19 antigen (rapid) test from a nasal or throat swab sample taken and NEGATIVE result received (both within five days of commencement of travel to the Territory)
    • Effective August 13, 2021results from COVID-19 antibody tests will no longer be acceptable for entry or submission to the USVI Travel Screening Portal (

*Passengers traveling from international destinations please note exceptions below.

Travel Originating in the USVI

  • Travelers who originate in the USVI and return to the Territory, regardless of the length of time away, must use the USVI Travel Screening Portal and receive clearance (email with green QR code) before travel.
  • Acceptable submissions include: Negative result from a COVID-19 antigen or molecular test. Results from COVID-19 antigen or molecular tests taken in the USVI are NOT acceptable for travel from the U.S. mainland
  • Travelers who were vaccinated in the USVI and considered “fully vaccinated” may be exempt from submitting an acceptable COVID-19 test result for travel from the S. mainland and/or from another U.S. Territory as noted below.

PLEASE NOTE: Individuals traveling to the Territory via international air travel are subject to different requirements as stated below.

Travelers Vaccinated in the U.S. Virgin Islands

  • Travelers who were vaccinated in the USVI and considered “fully vaccinated” may be exempt from submitting an acceptable COVID-19 test result for travel from the U.S. mainland and/or from another U.S. Territory, if the Official Vaccination Record can be successfully retrieved. To qualify for this exemption, “fully vaccinated” travelers must have been vaccinated in the USVI, with the officially required dosage(s) in the USVI, and have passed the two-week immunity-building period. Note that vaccinations do not supersede CDC testing requirements for international air arrivals.
  • Travelers will be required to present their travel clearance (email with green QR-code) from the USVI Travel Screening Portal to airline or marine transportation personnel or may be denied boarding. Digital or printed documents are acceptable.
  • Travelers are required to present their travel clearance (email with green QR-code) from the USVI Travel Screening Portal and an acceptable COVID-19 test result to local officials upon arrival in the Territory.
  • The laboratory that performs the COVID-19 test should be certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CUA). You can check a lab’s certification status here:
  • Travelers originating outside of the United States should use COVID-19 testing facilities that are formally approved in their departure Many countries comply with15015189 or ISO/IEC17025 standards. Notwithstanding, the USVI reserves the right to reject any test result and/or require a traveler to re-test upon arrival in the Territory.
  • Effective January 26, 2021,international air passengers directly arriving to or transiting through the U.S. Virgin Islands from a foreign country (i.e., anywhere that is NOT a state, territory or possession of the United States), must follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) travel requirements to entering the United States of America – https:f/ (Updated May 7,2021)
  • CDC travel requirements related to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for all air passengers arriving in the United States DO NOT apply to persons traveling/returning from the S. Virgin Islands to the U.S. mainland.
  • Please note that some states in the S. have enacted COVID-19 travel requirements, such as the need to provide evidence of COVID-19 testing within a specified period of time, for travelers entering (or returning to) that state. Hence, travelers departing from the U.S. Virgin Islands are advised to check with their intended destination to determine what, if any,COVID-19 travel or testing requirements are in place. A list of labs in the Territory that offer COVID-19 testing can be found here: http:f/
  • Submissions to the Travel Screening Portal are processed seven days a week, 365 days per Every effort is made to expedite review and processing for individuals with impending travel.
  • You may track your submission by using this link: You may also email [email protected] with any questions or concerns; kindly include the Tracking ID code you received upon successfully completing your submission
  • If you are within 24hours of your planned travel and have not yet received a response, please check your Junk, Spam or Promotions folders and contact us so that we can be of assistance.
  • Please note that travelers who fail to use the Travel Screening Portal may be denied boarding.
  • Travelers should note that submission of a fake, forged, falsified or otherwise altered test result is subject to prosecution and fine under Executive Order(s) of the Office of the Governor, USVI Department of Health regulations and/or pursuant to criminal code 14V.1.C. 843 and 795 of Title14entitled “False and Fraudulent statements upon the Government”. Penalties may include fines of $500-$1,000 and/or imprisonment of two to five years.
  • Travelers who are required to self-quarantine for any reason are responsible for all quarantine costs, as advised by the USVI Department of Health and the Office of the This includes costs associated with the COVID-19 test, transportation, accommodations, food and beverage, and medical care.
  • Per the Department of Health, every person ordered to self-quarantine shall proceed directly from the airport or seaport to their home, vessel, or booked accommodations The self-quarantine period shall last for10 days from the time of entry into the Territory, or until the traveler is able to receive the required health authority clearance while in the Territory.
  • All arriving passengers MUST wear a mask or facial covering that fits snugly and completely covers the mouth and nose upon This requirement is enforced by a fine. Children under two, persons unable to remove a mask without assistance and persons with a disability who cannot wear a mask, or cannot safely wear a mask, because of the disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (42 U.S.C.12101 et seq.) and further defined by are exempt. Individuals with chronic respiratory conditions should seek advice from their primary care physician for alternative types of masks and avoid crowds. All travelers must also comply with social distance requirements.
  • Despite the May 16, 2021, CDC guidelines that relax mask-wearing for certain fully vaccinated individuals, the Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands has not changed or removed local masking requirements. All individuals, whether fully vaccinated or not, are required to comply with local rules. Individuals and business establishments found in violation of the mandatory masking guidelines will be subject to administrative fines and penalties.
  • Upon arrival into any U.S. Virgin Islands port, all travelers are subject to the Territory’s screening procedures, outlined below. By reading this Travel Advisory, all travelers by embarkation on an arriving aircraft or vessel grant their consent to these procedures.
  • Upon aircraft or vessel arrival, a representative will advise passengers about the current screening Upon exiting the aircraft or vessel, all passengers will be escorted to the Virgin Islands Port Authority temperature check-point.
  • Travelers may be subject to COVID-19 health screening protocols, enhanced screening, including temperature and thermal scans, and COVID-19 testing(or retesting) upon arrival, per the Department of Health.

Visitors and residents who have travel or tourism-related inquiries are asked to email [email protected] call the Department of Tourism at 340-774-8784 (St. Thomas-St. John District), 340-772-0357 (St. Croix) or toll-free 1-800-372-USVI (8784).

The USVI Travel Screening Portal is located at


 Q. Can the marina arrange Covid-19 testing on our behalf?

  • Yes. Simply give us 3-4 days’ notice of your ideal test date, to [email protected] to book an appointment with our partner clinic. Next day bookings are not possible, so please plan ahead.

 Q. What days of the week is testing available?

  • Monday – Friday. Please avoid Fridays if results are time critical.

Q. What types of tests can be booked with your partner clinic, and what are their costs?

  • Four types of tests are available: 1) Abbott BinaxNOW Antigen test (Nasal swab) – $325; 2) CUE Molecular NAAT test (outer nasal swab – more info here) – $300; 3) rt-PCR test – $350 (swab analysis Mon/Tue/Thurs/Fri only); 4) Antibody serology (blood) test – $200.

Q. What is the typical result turnaround time?

  • The most popular tests (Abbott & CUE) typically have test result turnaround of next day; however, depending on the clinic’s business levels, you may occasionally receive results the same day.

Q. I need a test result to present to a third country’s officials. What type of test should I take?

  • Please double check if your destination will accept our default Abbott BinaxNOW Antigen test.

 Q. I just need a test that gives us peace of mind that my crew and/or guests are free from illness. Which test should we take?

  • Abbott BinaxNOW Antigen test.

 Q. I need my results as quickly as possible – which type of test should I take?

  • Abbott BinaxNOW Antigen test.

 Q. Does YHG offer onboard testing, where the nurse comes to our vessel to conduct the tests?

  • Yes, however, this concierge service is generally limited to yachts that have three or more crew aboard who require testing. Where only one or two crew, they will be required to walk to the Yacht Haven Grande clinic located next to Moe’s Fresh Market (two minutes’ walk from the marina office). The nurse service does not cost extra.

Q. I have rotational crew flying in to join the vessel but want them tested with clear results before they board ship. Possible?

  • Yes. We can arrange an appointment to walk into either the YHG clinic, or Red Hook clinic (whichever is more convenient). Once the result comes back clear, they can leave their onshore accommodation and report to the vessel.

Q. What time can I expect testing to occur?

  • Walks-in to the YHG clinic are generally conducted at 415pm. On-board testing is usually around 0930am, but YHG will advise your appointment time when finalizing your booking.

Q. I’m ready to book an appointment. How do I do this with you?

  1. First, please send your vessel name, date of appointment (weekdays only), and your crew list of those who require testing to [email protected] Specify what type of test you require.
  2. Second, please complete the clinic registration webform for each member of crew here.

CONTACT: [email protected] | +1 340-774-9500