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IGY's network of marinas provide the highest standards of service in throughout the world's most popular cruising destinations.

New York Skyline with Lady Liberty

United States

An eclectic mix of culture and customs that influences music, food and art across the region, the United States offers everything from art-deco to small town charm to cities that never sleeps.


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The Caribbean offers luxury on the beautiful sands of so many amazing islands. With locations strategically placed throughout the regions most popular areas, your island paradise awaits you.


Sportfish boats around the Sea of Cortez Arches

Latin America

Intriguing unexplored areas of Mexico and Latin America that include mountains, caves, waterways, and rainforests. This breathtaking region offers so much to explore. Experience eco-friendly, relaxing, beautiful stays at some of the most sought after locations anywhere.


Superyachts moored in Porto Cervo


From its well-known, frequently traveled yachting destinations to its scenic coastlines that promise pristine beaches, grandiose castles, and intriguing villages, Europe offers the best in this exceptional region.