IGY Ibiza Marina

IGY Ibiza Marina

Balearic Islands

2024 17 July
2024 18 July


  • VHF: Channel 9 – Hail “IGY Ibiza”
  • 38º 54’ 36’’ N
  • 1º 26’ 22’’ E
  • Avenida Andenes 2
  • 07800 Ibiza, Islas Baleares
  • Marina Office is open 24/7
  • Dockhands are available 24/7
  • Contact us for important dates


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  • 27 Superyacht Berths
    Min Length: 65’ (20m)*
    Max Length: 360’ (110m)
    Max Beam: No Restrictions
    Max Draft: 27.88’ (8.5m)
    *Reservations for yachts under 20-meter length are restricted
  • Shore Power available on “Contramuelle”
  • 24/7 Security +34 630 731 847


  • Nearby Dining
  • Nearby Shopping
  • Nearby Beaches


  • Waste Collection
  • Concierge Services
  • Stern Berthing

Directory & Local Businesses

Contact Information

Marina Manager
Police Department







Welcome to IGY Ibiza Marina our newest dedicated superyacht marina accommodating yachts up to 110m. Located at the foot of the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, marina guests have access to fine dining, shopping and nightlife.

IGY Ibiza Marina, located in the district of “La Marina”, is one of the town’s historic centres and is located between the town walls and the harbour. At sea level, it is flanked on the right by Sa Penya and on the left by the town’s peripheral developments, most notably the Vara de Rey area.

It is currently one of the liveliest areas of the Vila, or town, and its whitewashed streets are home to many shops that stay open until midnight during the summer months as well as a host of restaurants, bars and cafés boasting an international, multi-cultural vibe.

The island of Ibiza which is 52 km from end to end, offers its guests everything they could wish for: Peace, relaxation, gastronomy, music, leisure, golf, museums, culture, beaches, mountains, incredible sunsets along with many new and different sensations …..

Also, the marina is 12 nautical miles from the island of Formentera, world renowned for its white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters.

From nearby boutiques, local cuisine, exciting nightlight and historical adventures, you’re sure to enjoy your stay with us. If there is anything we can do to enhance your visit, please get in touch.


Advanced reservations are strongly recommended at IGY Ibiza Marina. Berthing is not guaranteed without a confirmed reservation. We ask that you provide advanced notice, when feasible, of your approximate arrival time so we can be fully prepared for your arrival and minimize any inconvenience to you.

Please Note: Captains and his/her assignee must check-in/check-out with the marina office for each stay unless otherwise arranged with marina management.

Check-Out: 12:00 pm Check-In: 12:00 pm


When feasible, we request an estimated time of arrival 24hr in advance so we can be fully prepared for your arrival and minimize any inconvenience.

Upon arrival, contact the marina office on VHF Channel 9 \”IGY Ibiza\” to obtain directions to the slip assignment. A skilled dock attendant will report to the slip to assist with docking, line handling, and connections. Once comfortably settled, we ask that you visit our marina office to check-in. The staff will answer any questions you have.


Upon departure, we request you contact the marina office 1-2 hours prior to departure to ensure all items are in order. A receipt can be provided at the marina office or emailed upon request to the email address provided at the time of check-in. If all items are in order, please hail the marina office on VHF Channel 9 \”IGY Ibiza\” if you would like assistance with disconnection and lines.


If a slip is occupied after 12:00 pm on the day of your scheduled departure, an additional night’s dockage will be charged to your account.

We will do our absolute best to accommodate your requests whenever possible. In most cases, if your slip is available prior to 12:00 pm on the day of your arrival, or after 12:00 pm on the day of your departure, we will allow you to remain in the slip at no additional charge. Prior arrangements must be made with the marina office for early arrival or delayed departure in order to avoid unnecessary charges.


In the event an early check-in and/or late check-out is unable to be accommodated in your currently slip, we will try to accommodate by making another slip available until such time your slip is available or you are ready to depart the marina.

In the event a temporary slip is made available to you, and you do not relocate the vessel, the marina reserves the right to charge you two times (2x’s) the original daily rate for each night you occupy the temporary slip.

This is necessary as at times, the marina operates at full occupancy and failure to relocate the vessel could negatively affect other guests.


Please note: Cancelation policies are subject to change. Please refer to your reservation confirmation or contact the marina office direct for confirmation of cancelation policy. Cancelation requests must be submitted directly to the marina. Any cancelation requests received through the IGY Marinas website are not considered proper cancelation.


Customs & Immigration Office

Contact the marina office to arrange for clearance.

Mon. – Sat. 10:00 am to 12 :00 pm
Closed on weekends & holidays


Please note: We do our best to ensure this information is up to date, however, this is strictly for informational purposes only. We recommend reviewing the Customs and Immigration site for the destination requirements.

Customs & Immigration Office

A Customs & Immigration Office is located near the marina, however, transportation is highly suggested and can be arranged prior to arrival.

Those reaching the port of entry after closing hours are required to raise a quarantine flag and report in the next morning.

In order to clear in and out of the Immigration Office, you will need the following:

Vessel registration documents
Vessel clearance documentation from the last port of call
Copy of passenger/crew list (form I-418)
Passports of all crew and guests
Copy of the Ship’s Registry

All vessels cruising the Mediterranean waters should have the following safety equipment on-board:

  • Functional life-vests for all passengers
  • Parachute, orange, and para-rocket flares
  • Bell and/or Whistle
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Flashlight
  • VHF Radio
  • First-aid Kit
  • Anchors
  • Tools


Address: 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Balearic Islands, Spain
Phone: +34(0)971 809 000
Website: https://www.aena.es/en/ibiza.html
Aeroport d’Eivissa is located 11.3 km from the marina, the airport services Ibiza and Formentera.


  • Hospital Can Misses +34 971 39 70 00
  • Clinica Rosario +34 971 30 19 16
  • Farmàcia Beltrán Ribas +34 971 31 03
  • Farmacia Carreño Villangómez Ibiza +34 971 31 80 84


  • Bankinter +34 971 30 5566
  • Banca March +34 971 31 57 12
  • CaixaBank +34 971 80 96 80


  • Oficina de Correos +34 971 39 87 31
  • Citypaq Ibiza +915 197 197


To make your stay with us more enjoyable, the following set of guidelines should be followed. These are merely suggested rules of etiquette and regulations to make the Marina and its facilities more enjoyable for all customers.

1. Do not leave garbage on the docks or common areas to be picked up. Garbage should be bagged and tied and then properly placed in designated receptacles, or be placed in the garbage truck, not loosely scattered or abandoned.

2. Oils and fuels should be disposed of properly and not in Marina trash cans. Please ask for assistance when disposing of oils, fuels, or chemicals. Your concern for the environment helps.

3. Try not to introduce any effluents into the Marina lagoon. Use holding tanks if possible.

4. Do not attempt to turn on your own water and electricity. Please have a dock attendant provide the service. Using pliers or screwdrivers will damage the equipment and you will be charged. It is suggested that you read meters (if applicable) along with our dock attendant to ensure accuracy.

5. Anyone caught taking water from another yacht’s tap shall be responsible for the entire water cost of the metered yacht. Please use your own water.

6. Keep power cords and water hoses in a neat and orderly fashion so that no one will trip in the dark or while carrying objects.

7. Please wash sails on lawn areas where water outlets and drying spaces are available, or do it aboard your yacht.

8. When marking anchor chains with paint, use paper or cardboard beneath your chain to keep wet paint off the docks and other customers’ shoes.

9. When cleaning dinghies, make sure you rinse debris and growth off of the docks when finished.

10. Lock the vessel when leaving it unattended.

11. Lock your dinghies and outboard at night.

12. Try to keep excessive noise down after 10:00 pm.

13. Barbecue and cooking on the docks is prohibited. Barbecue and cooking should be done on board in suitable equipment and self contained. Any other way is dangerous and frowned upon. Kindly clean up after yourself when finished. Charcoal ash and debris are not to be disposed of into the lagoon.
If bright deck lights or spot lights are to be used at night, avoid pointing them at nearby boats, especially down or into their cabins.

14. Pets need to be kept on a leash or in an acceptable carrying case. Please be sure to clean up after your pets. Owners will be responsible for any damages caused by unattended pets.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


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