IGY Trident Gives Superyacht Owners What They Most Desire

22 Mar 2024

Guaranteed dockage* and priority access at the world’s top marinas.

Exclusive access to partners, world class events and crew service training.

Exceptional service and support.

Ask a superyacht owner or captain what they need most when heading to a world class marina and ‘guaranteed dockage’ will most likely be top of their list.

 In an uncertain world, where changing weather conditions and personal or business matters can play havoc with itineraries, knowing you can get a berth in your marina of choice is everything.

But is this really possible when berths at the world’s top marinas can be like gold dust?

Well yes, it is, for owners who need certainty.

IGY Marinas – the world’s largest superyacht marina company – has been providing guaranteed dockage to a select group of owners at luxury marinas worldwide for the past two years through its ground-breaking membership club called IGY Trident.

Certainty and confidence

 A world first, IGY Trident takes luxury marina service and support to a new level, enabling owners to roam the world with certainty and confidence.

Whitney Diedericks, IGY Trident Program Manager, says Trident is the pinnacle of superyacht ownership, providing the one thing owners and captains desire above all else.

“The real benefit is the mooring access and guaranteed dockage for our Trident Collective members. To be able to have that guarantee when you get to the marina, or have priority access for Trident Club members, is so important,” Whitney explains.

How does IGY Trident work?

 There are two membership tiers, both available in limited numbers: Trident Collective and Trident Club. The Collective, which is limited to just 30 owners, gives docking certainty on a global scale at IGY’s 23 luxury marinas across 13 countries, arguably the most coveted berthing spots in the world.

But it’s not just about guaranteed dockage. Trident is also about providing the highest levels of service. All Collective and Club members gain exclusive access to partner offerings, including cost reduction, priority tickets for international events and world class crew service training with Forbes Travel Guide.

IGY Trident Club benefits include:

  • Discounts on dockage, fuel and utilities at IGY Marinas.
  • Priority tickets and access to world class events such as Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, the illustrious 007 Party in Monaco, and Art Basel, the international modern and contemporary art show.
  • The captain and crew on board a Trident vessel have additional benefits including VIP access to crew events throughout the IGY Marinas network and exceptional crew outings.
  • Forbes Travel Guide crew training developed exclusively for IGY Trident Club and the yachting community, focusing on providing luxury hospitality standards, team building, conflict resolution, personalized service, and creating positive experiences for guests.
  • Partnerships offerings such as discounts for global fuel bunkering and yacht agency service fees.

The work you don’t see

Exceptional service for the world’s most discerning and demanding owners takes a great deal of work behind the scenes.

Whitney adds: “The whole IGY team works behind the scenes to ensure an unparalleled experience for our Trident Club members. With genuine dedication, we go above and beyond to establish personal relationships with each vessel, gaining a deep understanding of each client’s needs and preferences. By keeping everyone satisfied, including owner, captain and crew, we have laid the foundation for the program’s resounding success, delivering remarkable results and experiences since the Club was launched in 2022.”

When it comes to the world’s top luxury marinas, meeting owners’ every need is crucial. With Trident, IGY Marinas is setting the gold standard for the industry.

For more information visit IGY Trident.

*Guaranteed dockage is exclusively for members of IGY Trident Collective