Gili Wojnowich – Vice President of Operations and Yacht Services

Gili Wojnowich – CMM
Vice President of Operations & Yacht Services

Gili Wojnowich is the Vice President of Operations and Yacht Services for IGY Marinas. Gili joined IGY in 2010 at the company’s flagship superyacht marina in St. Thomas, USVI, Yacht Haven Grande. Since then, Gili has remained involved in overseeing facility operations across IGY’s growing network throughout the United States, Caribbean, and Latin America. Gili also provides support for IGY’s Development and M&A teams in managing capital expenditure projects, implementing standardized operating procedures, reviewing vertically integrated business opportunities, and analyzing new marina asset projects. In his current role, Gili is responsible for the overall promotion and growth of IGY’s Trident membership program, the world’s first and only superyacht benefits and services platform aimed at enhancing, simplifying, and optimizing the yachting experience for both owner and crew. In addition, Gili leads the effort in developing and managing synergistic opportunities and operational efficiencies across multiple affiliated companies who collectively provide comprehensive yachting services that greatly benefit IGY’s customer base.

Gili was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia and graduated as a dual major from Emory University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (Finance) and a Bachelor of Arts degree (Spanish). Gili currently resides in south Florida with his wife and two young children where they enjoy an active water lifestyle and are engaged with the local community and various industry organizations.