IGY Marinas Launches Exclusive Package for Art Basel Miami Beach

26 SEP 2023

IGY Marinas is thrilled to unveil an exclusive Miami Art Week VIP package to complement this year’s eagerly anticipated Art Basel Miami Beach event in December.

The announcement will be made at the Monaco Yacht Show and follows the highly successful launch of IGY Marinas signature VIP tailored packages last spring at Miami’s Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The Miami Art Week VIP Experiences will run between 5-10 December, with universal appeal for IGY’s Trident Collective members as well as a sophisticated international crowd of art lovers and buyers who flock annually to Miami’s longest running contemporary art fair.

Securing a VIP package to what is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious and innovative art events of the year will be your fast track to a private and exclusive audience with the most powerful creatives, movers and shakers behind Art Basel.

VIP transport and dockage

Designed to run alongside leading cultural and sporting events worldwide, these money-can’t-buy red carpet packages are curated and bespoke to each occasion to give the richest and most incredible experience to attendees in truly unparalleled settings from which you will gain a rare, invite-only insider perspective.

Miami Art Week VIP Packages is a chance to participate in Miami Art Basel which runs from December 6-10 – in opulent luxury from the get go. Enjoy a HeliFlite private helicopter transfer from your jet to the marina or alternatively, arrive via the water and simply dock your yacht at Yacht Haven Grande Miami at Island Gardens.

Luxury dockage at this exclusive downtown marina affords you the very best amenities, rock solid security and spectacular sweeping views of the iconic Miami skyline. On demand transport by luxury car or boat is available throughout your stay.

Let the fun begin

Enjoy VIP access to Art Basel and a host of other exhibitions throughout the week, with the chance to attend a glittering array of private views, vernissages and parties alongside the art world elite.

This chance of a lifetime opportunity also affords discerning collectors a unique advance moment to acquire some of the finest and most exciting new works by emerging and cutting edge designers.

There’s also an option to customise your trip by liaising with a dedicated IGY concierge to ensure that you get everything you desire from the experience.

With a view to expanding and building on this incredible signature VIP offering, IGY recently announced a strategic partnership with HeliFlite at Yacht Haven Grande Miami to facilitate guests looking to maximise their time by using deluxe helicopter travel throughout Florida and the Bahamas.

With operational access to the recently modernized Miami Seaplane Base next door to YHG Miami, the location couldn’t be more convenient or efficient for point to point travel from your yacht to a dazzling array of events and key destinations in the region.

It’s the ultimate partnership between luxury air transportation and nautical tourism, refining bespoke travel and elevating hospitality experiences to a whole new level.

The beginning of a global VIP signature package journey

“Our new IGY Media Events service provides unparalleled VIP settings for a wide range of activations, from intimate gatherings and yacht hops to corporate meetings and brand launches, to events on a grand scale,” said IGY VIP Of Marketing & Sales Bert Fowles at the time of launch.

Following the huge success of the first signature VIP tailored package at Miami F1, which was attended and well endorsed by Trident members, clients, captains, crew and influencers, Romina Bompani, Global Sponsorship & Event Sales Director at IGY, is looking forward to continuing the journey at Miami Art Week and beyond.

“We are looking at similar activations across our network,” she says. “We will produce a similar program to the Miami F1 Grand Prix and the Cannes Film Festival , which will include luxury dockage, private transportation, exclusive aviation travel and curated experiences.

“We have a powerful network of 23 premium locations in well-known superyacht destinations, and for the brands that want to partner with us, we offer awareness through our network and superyacht audiences,” she says. “We have spaces for the brands to come and develop their events in premium strategic locations. There are so many possibilities.”

To visit Miami Art Basel and for further information about IGY Media’s exclusive experiences please visit Miami Art Week VIP Packages.