Satisfaction Guaranteed – A message from the IGY Trident Collective….


By Martin Redmayne
14 Feb 2023

Superyacht owners have not seen this before …

There are plenty of yacht clubs, membership programmes, and reward and loyalty schemes across the world that are designed to deliver benefits or unique and exclusive opportunities to their lists of hundreds of VIP members. However, imagine being part of a private club that has only 30 members, all of whom have two things in common: they own an incredible superyacht and they want to enjoy the best of everything that life offers.

Launched in 2022 during the inaugural Miami F1 Grand Prix, at one the world’s most exclusive marinas in downtown Miami, owned and managed by IGY Marinas, founders and visionaries behind this concept and rooted in an irreplaceable global marina network, The IGY Trident Collective is a club you’ve never heard of, a membership you can’t just sign up for and an exclusive network you can’t automatically be part of. This is a unique membership programme that is truly exclusive and private.

Move to the front of the line …

Imagine turning up in Sardinia, Cannes, St Maarten or Miami without a reservation and being guaranteed the best berth in the house, being attended to by a personal on-site marina concierge delivering extra special white-glove treatment, private golf cart, VIP parking and maybe a case of cold beers for the crew and a good bottle of Margaux for you, not to mention a whole host of other exclusive benefits.

Yes, you have a superyacht and should be able to afford the best of everything and get what you want when you want it, but this is not always the case – in busy times across the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, the pressure builds and things can get ugly. Maybe it’s not obvious to you as an owner, but rest assured your captain, manager, family office, crew and others are all trying to make it work, so you can thoroughly enjoy your yachting experience.

In very simple terms, IGY Marinas and a select group of industry stakeholders decided to create a unique superyacht owner proposition that is designed to make everyone’s life remarkably better.

A superyacht owner’s dream …

Not only does the exclusive IGY Trident programme give you priority access at IGY Marinas across the world, with over 600 superyacht slips, along with a list of important operational benefits designed to save you money and, more importantly, time and dramatically fewer headaches. It is also the most private, exclusive and valuable collective for 30 exceptionally smart and like-minded superyacht owners on the planet.

All members will be able to do two things: one, fly their discreet burgee with pride, knowing that the IGY Trident Concierge is already waiting for their arrival with an unexpected treat; and two, wear their IGY Trident pin with beaming pride to the variety of curated experiences that only the 30 Collective members will be invited. Think Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix, Art Basel Miami, private experiential dinners, exclusive live music performances, rare wine tastings, Wagyu beach barbeques, and anything else the Trident Collective Concierge Team can dream up. But remember, this will be just for the Private Collective of the famous 30 and their favourite people.

Extraordinary global resources for captains and crew …

In addition to the amazing services that you as an owner will enjoy and get a thrill from, the Trident Collective Team also delivers an array of global resources to the captain and crew that you directly depend on to run your superyacht. Preferential treatment at every step of the journey, whether in IGY’s refit prep and service-centric marina in Sète, in the South of France, or in the old port of Cannes, waiting for charter guests, your crew will be given the white-glove treatment. VIP training programmes from the Forbes Travel team, executive medicals for the captain, dedicated support and discounts from BWA Yachting, and discounted fuel and complimentary carbon offsets with one of the world’s largest fuel suppliers, World Fuel Services. In addition, your captain and crew are given a generous excursion allowance of up to $10,000 to use on customised local experiences and activities, all organised by your very own IGY Trident Collective Concierge.

Imagine being the absolute best superyacht boss in the industry by being one of only 30 exclusive Collective Members, and it’s really very simple, the more time your yacht berths within the IGY Marina network, the more preferred treatment and benefits you receive, the more your crew are exceptionally treated the more confident they will be in delivering guaranteed satisfaction.

What’s being said …

One of the founding members of the IGY Trident Collective is the owner of M/Y Just J’s (61m Hakvoort), and his Captain Eric Edscorn, following a recent visit to IGY’s Yacht Haven Grande, St Thomas, explained: “Our visit was great. Phil [Blake, general manager] is fantastic to work with and bent over backwards for us, and all of the staff were friendly and helpful. I just wish we could have stayed longer … Thanks in advance for the continued support and I am loving the Trident Collective group’s solutions so far!” Also, when Captain Eric was in the Mediterranean, he added more to the Collective feedback: “They [the IGY Trident Team] really bent over backwards to accommodate us and make our visits outstanding. To add a cherry on top, Jerome [Cuaz, marina manager] helped us accomplish more during our stay there than we did in the shipyard. What an amazing guy, with a tireless work ethic and a great personality. We really can’t say enough about these guys.”

As more members are personally invited to join and as Trident owners recommend to other owners that they become part of the Trident Collective, you can imagine the conversations and opportunities that emerge out of this gathering of unique individuals. This is not only a collective of superyacht owners, a collective of discounts and benefits, or a collective of the proud and valued crew, but an exclusive group of individuals who can see the future and understand that the market is changing.

If you must ask …

One final comment, if you want to know how much it is to join the IGY Trident Collective, you’re probably not eligible to join. All you need to do is contact the IGY Trident management team and ask if you can join and they will discuss the real value of membership, then you both can agree on what you think it’s worth and what it costs for you. Like everything in yachting, there’s the asking price and the selling price, with the goal of IGY Trident to deliver the ultimate satisfaction from owning your superyacht.

More yachts mean more pressure on limited global infrastructure bringing even more challenges to all involved with operating the superyacht.  As the Trident Collective grows, the 30 founding members will be positioned to avoid many of these challenges with an assurance that their superyacht operates at an optimum level to deliver guaranteed satisfaction.