Sustainable Real Estate Development at Marina Bahia Golfito Attracting Buyers to Costa Rica

By Karen Hockney
15 Sep 2023

Widely regarded as one of Costa Rica’s leading superyacht, eco-tourism and sportfishing destinations, the sustainable real estate development of Marina Bahia Golfito with its uncharted waters and ecological approach is generating unprecedented interest.

A state-of-the-art enhancement of the IGY marina has launched with Costa Rican hospitality company and land owner, Enjoy Group, overseeing the design and construction of 11 waterfront villas and 40 tropical condominiums.

A host of new luxury retail and restaurant offerings will further elevate the destination, located near the conservation rich Osa Peninsula on the Golfo Dulce, making it some of the most desirable real estate in the region.

The expansion is guided by a steadfast commitment to minimal environmental disruption, enhanced programming for the local community, and a continuing passion to support ecological sustainability which is integral to Costa Rica and its way of life.

Exciting opportunities with a hotel and spa to come

“Of course, Enjoy Group has a long history of generating a positive influence with its guests, employees, and community involvement, through its unwavering commitment to environmental protection and transparency. You don’t get this level of commitment with every developer,” explains David Harries of Blueprint Global, who is marketing the real estate development.

“Currently there is a boutique 10 room hotel there, Amaka Lodge, and in addition to the 51 units currently available for a closer look, we are also building a 35 room branded hotel and a spa. We are hitting the market running.

“The first 50% of Marina Bahia Golfito’s new-build properties will be available for purchase in early November, with a full 70% by the first quarter of 2024. The first phase of the project will be sold out by January 2025.”

A blended community

Enjoy Group and IGY Marinas are creating a blended community of yacht owners, guests and second homers all looking to soak up the beauty, convenience, and pristine setting of Marina Bahia Golfito.

“The relationship between the marina and the real estate community is inclusive and interactive,” says David.

“It’s a world-class destination and we hope that our new property owners will book charters, go out sailing, take part in sportfishing and enjoy the many aspects and benefits available to them as a result of being based at an IGY marina. Clients can also visit IGY booths while attending the Fort Lauderdale and Miami International Boat Shows.”

As a key development partner, Blueprint Global has an inside track on the kind of investor Golfito is likely to attract.

“Many of the people who are already interested in buying at Golfito have never been there,” reveals David. “However, typically, someone who buys real estate has visited between seven and 12 times, whether for a day or a week, perhaps renting a property and fostering familiarity with the place. Yet with Golfito, the interest is already so high, we believe the marina’s reputation and opportunities to explore and own in Costa Rica’s southern region are enticing owners sight unseen. We are excited about the buzz this development is already creating.”

Terrific response to Phase 1 release

“Our video promoting this exciting destination and ownership opportunities was released online and in social media in early July, well in advance of our residential sales event which is planned for the final quarter of this year, and over 3,800 prospective owners have already registered their interest.

“A future residential phase comprising 30 condos and 10 additional villas is planned for launch in the first half of 2024, however, with the unprecedented demand for Phase 1, this may be released sooner.“

Please visit the website to watch the VIDEO.

Rapid progress of onsite shops and services

Rapid progress continues on the construction of Golfito’s waterfront Plaza Marketplace and Event Amphitheatre, featuring 20 exclusive boutiques and shops along with six new restaurants. With an anticipated opening of October 1st, shops and services will include a pharmacy and clinic, ice cream parlour, jewellery store, souvenir shop, hair and nail salon, barber, coffee shop, surf outlet, and a bicycle and ATV rental store.

A gourmet market deli with an indoor store offering delicious wines, cheeses, spirits, beer, fresh bread, cured meats, dried fruits, prepared meals and other delicacies is also planned. While not a farmer’s market in the traditional sense, this upscale shopping experience perfectly caters for those who’d like to dine in from time to time.

“Situated side by side to Marina Bahia Golfito, this new plaza will become the exciting and dynamic heartbeat of the destination and a true, vibrant gathering place for residential owners, guests, superyacht visitors, sportfishing enthusiasts, all our neighbours and the community of Golfito,” says David.

The marina has also been expanded to offer a total of 122 slips, including dedicated berthing for two superyachts of up to 106.7m (350’).

Environmental and social responsibilities

Enjoy Group and Marina Bahia Golfito enjoy a heritage rooted in a country which has never wavered on its commitment to ecology, biodiversity and conservation.

With a keen emphasis on environmental and social responsibilities, they support local schools and universities, small suppliers, climate trade compensation and carbon offsetting. They also work in partnership with three local nonprofits, namely Raising Coral Costa Rica, Shark Mission, and INA. The latter trains and certifies individuals and legal entities to contribute to personal growth, social mobility, productivity, and competitiveness that allows Costa Rica to adapt to the changes that the environment demands.

Additional information relating to the hotel and residential rental program brand partner will be released in the coming months, along with further details on the landscaping, interior design, specifications, weather proofing, and environmental credentials of the development.

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