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St. Katharine Docks

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407 Lincoln Road, Suite 10F, Miami Beach, FL 33139

SEA.AI is a pioneer in the field of machine vision for marine applications. Its range of products combines optical and thermal sensors with artificial intelligence for enhanced comfort and safety at sea. It detects and identifies any floating object surrounding your yacht, day and night, exceeding radar and AIS limitations. Real-time alerts empower proactive responses, increasing situational awareness. With SEA.AI, experience enhanced safety on your maritime journeys as it tirelessly monitors your vessel’s perimeter, providing control and informed decision-making.

Adaptive Surface Technologies

85 Bolton Street, Suite 122 Cambridge, MA 02145
Email: [email protected]

Weather Routing Inc

Ward’s Marine Electric

617 SW 3rd Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

Astilleros de Mallorca

Contramuelle-Mollet, 11, 07012 PALMA DE MALLORCA.

Arthur Beale

  • +44 20-7836-9034

Yacht Chandler

Pelion Consulting

Email: [email protected]

Ocean Leisure

  • +44 20-79301-5050

Marine and Water Sports Store


  • +44 20-7553-2945

Plumbing and Heating Supplies

Tesco Extra

  • +44 345-610-2989

Small Grocery Store

Waitrose St. Katharine Docks

  • +44 20-7702-1640

Supermarket Chain

Aron Specialist

  • +44 20-7481-3331

Dry Cleaners, Shoe Repair, Key Cutting

Thames Marine Services

Providing fuel and lubricants to vessels on the Thames
  • +44 20-3935-4814

Lagoon Dry Cleaners

Repairs, Laundry, Alterations Pick-up and Delivery available
  • +44 20-7488-4560